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Cool Stuff Friend !!!

Thank you PixartStudios :)

very good job, nice work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you so much EricProchnow :)

Great work! Thank you for your cooperation. Good luck!

Thanks HyenaJohn :)

Thanks Chuckwalla :)

Fantastic work buddy! very useful ;) Congratulations my friend! ;)

Thanks my friend! :D

Is it possible to create an asian looking female face with this toolkit? Thanks!

Hi there, do be honest, there isn’t a default preset, but I created this very fast ( ), by removing the blinking. If you re familiar with After Effects it ll be easy for you. Regards.

Cheers for doing that! Looks good to me!

Thank you!

Do you still support this plugin?

Hi there, Yes. Would you like to ask me something?

It’s very delicious. This is a difficult job but very good !!! nice to look at!!! good luck to you!

Can you also offer it as an CS5.5 file? Is ONE face with all animations ONE comp…so can I parent it (one comp) on the head of an existing character?

Hi there. It is cs6 and above. It’s that creative cloud has as the oldest version. There are a lot of premade characters and you could customize all or create your own. Regards

Perfect project! Good mood and good luck! :)

Nice work there. Hey a quick pre-purchase question, are there any side facing angles as well?

Hi there, thank for the kind words. No, there are only front flat style. Regards!

can you contact me please? i have problm with lip sync

Hi there, please send me a video capture or describe the issue… regards

the problem was After in other lenguages and not in EN, now it’s ok :) Thanks