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Visual FX are the highest level, man.

Great animation and sound FX! Very well done :)

Thank you, wayman!

Great animation ! Well done mate!
Wish you all the best! :)

thank you!

which particular sound effects file from his portfolio do I need ?

so brilliant, love it man :)

Thank you very much!

Great work Expresso

thank you!

this really fit exactly what I needed, thanks so much. Beautiful timing.

I’m glad that you like it! Please rate this project if you’re satisfied, thank you very much! :-)

5 Stars!

thank you!!! :):)

The description says the only pre-rendered elements are the bats. Is that for sure? I would like to swap some of the graphics with my own, like the fence and tombstones. Are those elements pre-rendered?

Sure! the fence and tombstones are entirely done inside AE. :) the only pre-rendered elements are bats and the skull at the end of the video.

Nice job expressodesign! Quick question, logo is coming out purple rather than gold in the final comp. Any suggestions?

Hi! send us a screenshot to show us the problem, you can email at info@expressodesign.it thanks!

hi, send you also a email today. Text and logo no problem, easy going.. adding the music is fine to BUT impossible to sinc the music and to get the effect sounds like in the demo. Would appreciate to get some reply. Thx

I would really appreciate asap to get some reply. thx

sad.. no respond after 2 weeks!!!!!