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Beautiful work! Well done!

Thank You TranSMaxX :)

like it) looks really great!

thanks :)

Great :) thanks therealist !

Check my new files mate! Good luck and glws!

I’ll check in at the moment :)

Great work =) Quick question : is the color prerendered or is it custimisable ? Thank you !

Hello :) Thanks. Color is prerendered but if You know after effect, You should use tint or tritone or hue&saturation and set your colors. But version with plugins give more options :)

Hi. if i buy this item, will i get an AE plugins project file or an prerendered video? reply soon

after i paid i got the download link and got the 700 mb downloaded. same way can i get the ae project file via link. please help me

i dont have an email access here. and cant bring the external mail inside. thats y am asking your help

only for you my friend(link was available for 10 minutes)

Great job miko! Top notch!

Thanks! :)

thanks byDimas!

Hello Miko, great work. Would you provide an open AE project with Trapcode plugins and camera, if I would purchase it?

Yes :) like I wrote in the description :) No problem, i will send it to You. Write me a message with your e-mail adres when you buy this project :)

I will offer this concept to my client and look forward to purchase this work. Thanks

No problem :)

nice to see you here as well ;) Good work!

Hello Pawel :) Ciebie rowniez milo tu widziec :)

It’s great to see such works !! it is worthy of good sales !!!

Thank You UraGranD ! :)

Beautiful work~!!! Would you provide an AE project with plugins and camera, if I would purchase it?

Hello! Yeees :) no problem! :)

Hello Miko, great work.I have purchased the item, Would you provide an open AE project with Trapcode plugins and camera?

Hello :) i have sent You an email message with file that You are asking for :) Thanks !

Hi, purchased, however optical flare effect required.. newest AE

Hello :) no need to have this plugin. Please leave the info If it pop out and use the project :)

Looks amazing, is it possible to edit the particle animation or is that part a video file? I would like to increase the length, make it slower and use it as a background

Hello, Any update on that background project :)?

Hello :) If everything goes ok, new project should be released this month.

Regards Miko


yaaay Purchased

Hey Miko, I really like your project but still waiting urgently for the plugin-version to work with it – I´ve already sent you some emails. Please reply! Thanks a lot!!

Hello. Please check Your e-mail one more time, becouse i have send several messages to You after 5 minutes You have bought my project. Mayby some problems with Your inbox? Send me alternative mail adres where i can send project for You.

Regards Miko


yaaay Purchased

YEAH! Got it now, thanks a lot! Amazing!

Great! :)