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I want a glass with juice filled in it. Is it available in the composition… ?

Hello, When want to open the script via after effects i see its empty pls can i email you screenshots?

Hi, sure! I responded to your email.

Hi. I’m interested in this, but would like to use the same audio. Have a link?

Thanks, We lost the link to this track. I tried to find but didn’t.

Hello there

Congratulations for your work.

Can you create a specific toolkit for us. Our company sells water purification systems so we need to adapt the toolkit with specific backgrounds, characters and animations. Can you do such work ?

Thanks and regards.

Hello, thank you!! Sure we can do it! Please send me a Private message and we can chat about details.

Hello, i like the product but i need it for a acommercial project and i saw that “This item may not be property released.” – can i use it for a commercial project??? does it work in AE CC 2015? Thanks!

Yes, it can be used for commercial project.

Hello, i am trying to using this Explainer toolkit 2 (https://videohive.net/item/explainer-video-toolkit-2/9232039) together with your toolkit but it only works with AE CC2014 (not with CC2015 or CC 2017) and CC 2014 is very slow. What is the Problem. If I import the other toolkit I don’t see anything in the composition Viewer. I tryed also to load Builder Toolkit into Explainer Toolkit 2 but it do not work. What is wrong???

Please help me :(


i think it has something to do with the expressions….

I’m not why it doesn’t work with your project, but we don’t have access to the toolkit you mention because it’s not our product.

It’s great to see such works !! it is worthy of good sales !!!


can i use this set with cc 2018

I think so!

Very cool and neat project! ;) I wish further promotion and a lot of sales! :)

Thank you!