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Hi i want to purchase Mister Clearly product and my question is with this product how many animations video can we create one or many?

please i can not download it evry time stop in 16% and after is stop and said i depased 20 time

please i can not find the Step by Step Video Help Files, which will guide you through the Customization in zip file

please i can not find the Step by Step Video Help Files, which will guide you through the Customization in zip file

Please have a look at the “Readme.pdf”. You will find the link to the videotutorial in there.

Can a different model be exported to match the same movements and replace the PNG sequences? How much would it cost?

Hi, I purchased the template 3 days before, but when i am extracting the ZIP file, it shows a error and missing all the files. What i do now? Can you please send the template without zip file. My email address is I need it urgently, please help. You can send me the direct dropbox link or any other platform, where i can download the files.


please let´s try something different first.

First download the file from videohive again. Maybe the file has been corrupted while downloading.

After that extract the files again. Please follow the instructions below.

Missing files: This message usually appears if the zip file hasn’t extracted properly. For Windows users: try right-clicking the zip file and choosing “Extract All.” If that option is not available, try using a different extraction program to unarchive the file.

Keep us posted!

Cheers Snowcake

Hi there

good animating

I love this project because Mr. Clearly has that 3d effect. Can you change his clothing? Or, is he relegated to the shirt and tie? (just curious)

It’s great to see such works !! it is worthy of good sales !!!

Nice! Can we buy a custom voiceover for our company name?

Is the character customizable? How many poses does the character has?

Hey there, the character is not customizable I am sorry. Please have a look at the preview video and the product page for the poses/animations. Thanks. Regards.

hello this video edit via adobe after effect or adobe after premiur ?

Hey there, sorry for the belated reply because of the weekend. This template is for Adobe After Effects only.

Kind regards snowcake team

can you make custome video for me i sent message on facebook page still not replay

We haven´t received any message on FB from you. This is our FB adress: You can also write us an email to for further questions.

Thank you.

Kind regards snowcake

hello i purcahsed this but where is tutorial video where is support sir ?

Hey please replay me i downloaded my purchases there is no Step by Step Video Help Files, which will guide you through the Customization

Hey there, thanks for reaching out. You will find a link to the video tutorials in the “Readme.pdf” that comes with the project.

Hi I want to purchase the vector or open file for mister clearly for a print project. How do I go about it?


Does the Mister Clearly animated character have an alpha channel so that instead of using the Explain It With Mister Clearly backgrounds I can use the Mister Clearly character with my own backgrounds?

Thank you.

is the character an alpha file ?

Thanks for the response

snowcake Author Team

Yes, there is an alpha channel. Many thanks and kind regards, snowcake team.