Discussion on Evolve - Powerful Cinematic Titles -

Discussion on Evolve - Powerful Cinematic Titles -

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Hi Marco, I need Help I just bought you this template, but need to use more text than you, when I touch the font size or the Transform size I have a second layer of text and I can’t handle it

Can I change the las title with a logo?

sure, just add it

I did it but has not the same look and feel of the Texts, is that possible?

Marco, how i can do the Render in full frame, without the blacks at the top and bottom?

in the ‘Control’ composition,click on the Hide switch(the same button i show you in the video)and turn off the ‘letterbox’

friend good morning before buying which program i’m going to edit this video has a manual how to do the editing?

Hi, in order to edit it, you need After Effects. A video tutorial, showing how to edit it, is included in the project

Very much appreciated… Cheers :)

you’re welcome :)

is this available in other formats, ike Premiere Pro or FCP?

No sorry, only after effects

This is Awesome thanks

you are welcome :)

what is meaning of Free for a month? it mean, I can use this file in my YouTube video without purchasing license ?

Yes you can :)

cant being download, sites keep get the “This Site cant be Reached

I just tried it, and it downloads without problems. You can try downloading it via another browser, or try again in a while. If so, you can take a look at this link:

Does any one know an Android app that I can use? I have a chromebook.

do you need After Effects, not an android app!

Awesome work! I need some more titles and I’m interested if there is an extended version of the used musical piece?

Thank you. No sorry, there is no extended version