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Well, I can not use your work in Premier Pro with the update. I get an error “This motion graphic was created in after effects. To use this templete in premier pro, please install after effects and retry”. Of Course I already have AE installed and this new set of graphics “V2” is the only one that I get this error with, the old version works fine as well as all my other graphics. how can this be fixed?

Hello, thanks for contacting, try please check this topic: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2309421


Please help. The other week I couldn’t install via the way you sadi. You emailed me a way to do it manfully. Can you send me those instructions again please? I just updated, not loss all the titles! :(

Hello , Could you please write message through email form here – https://videohive.net/user/easyedit#contact in the replay, i will send you the alternative method of installing Thanks.


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First of all thank you so much for bringing the all required feature. But unfortunately Not able to update, getting this error https://ibb.co/ecPGqR Please don’t ask me to email you as I’m sending this to your email too.

Thanks, sent to email


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wow, it was too quick. Very cool update keep good work up. One more mail sent.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.


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Divaksh Purchased

No support? I have sent you an email yesterday. :(

good day. check please email. thanks


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The more I use, the more I love this pack. After this update now the only missing thing is some call out titles and then it becomes the real “Essential”. ;)

many thanks! We are glad you find it useful!

SanFranciscoText fonts dont install

Je n’arriver pas a l’installer sur premiere pro . j’ai envoyer un message sur facebook a easyedit et il m’on régler le probleme via teamviewer en meme pas 10 minutes . bravo

PR update version is not installed. AE does not proceed with the download process  Do not. An error message pops up. I am using the PR2018 version.

after new update, I keep getting error “unable to execute script at line .45 dowload url is undefined”

Hello, fixed this problem, re-download please, thanks

Will this work in Premiere Pro CC 2017 11,01 (BEFORE the spring update), there is no essential graphics panel. The title panel is this there.

Hello , Thank you for contacting us. For correct work in premiere pro, you will need essential graphics panel Thanks.

ATTN: Please know that you need Premiere Pro version 11.1 or higher, and After Effects Vers 14.2 and higher

Thank you and you’re welcome -Tko

UH OH!!! Well Now the Files are not working. So, this is what happens, the FREE Templates work with PR 11.1 + and AE 14.2+ However the actual file you purchase does not…..

This is VERY disappointing. Now I understand why such low reviews.


Please offer assistance. I have installed PR 11.1, and AE 14.2. The Free sample templates work fine with these adobe versions, however the paid templates do NOT.

The sample is typically what a customer can expect. So why is the paid version functioning differently than the sample?

Finally got it to “work” by installing a 7 day trial of BOTH After Effects and Premiere Pro 2018. I really dislike this. All of us can’t afford the latest upgrades and we shouldn’t be FORCED into the newest software to get this to work. It should be clearly stated on the purchase page the software versions we need.

And now that I’ve gotten it into premiere pro, there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove purple background behind text. Sigghhhhhh

BTW, unlike what is stated on Adobe’s website, you need BOTH software to be the most current. I feel like rating this purchase very low. But I’m waiting to hear back from you.

We have already created tickets for our team to improve the work based on your feedback.

Sometimes the problem depends not only on us but deeper in the software itself.

We will do everything possible that our work would be easy to use as.

At the moment fast solution – update the After Effects and Premiere Pro to the latest versions.

Сontinue to work on improving. Thank you for understanding.

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!

Very great work ;)

How can I properly uninstall this? Thanks in advance

Hello , Could you please write message through email form here – https://videohive.net/user/easyedit#contact Thanks.