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Guys I have A problem with your product. It is very unstable. I cannot install the stickers And at the end on the installation popup I am getting Available New Version Update now.

I just download your new version from Envato and it is the same over and over again.

I have everything the latest version AE, PR, and the Stickers

Hello, we are preparing the new update and tested some things, sorry for that, try please now.

There are some small things which can improve dramatically the stickers. (I use them in Premiere) For example:

- the clock with the time you can change the time but you cannot change AM / PM it is constantly PM

- #1 emoji you cannot change the number it is only #1. This makes it pointless if you want to use it in some list

- etc.

Those small things give more flexibility

Thank you :)

For the Clock would be Nice to be able to choose not only AM/PM but Seconds and Mins sometimes you can use it to display time period

ok, we are working on this now, feel free to write any recommendations) thanks

One more thing I just notice. On the Essential Titles – the color pickers are all named “color” | “color” | “color” | “color” – and is not clear which color it is. Here is screenshot

inside the 04_links for used materials.txt file, under fonts it says “Download all used fonts by one archive” –

however, we have noticed that file is missing the following fonts: Lavanderia – ADAM – Aleo – Rustico –

May you please update the “Download all used fonts by one archive” zip file to actually include all the fonts, it would just make it less confusing and easier for costumers

I have created ticket with this problem, will fix it soon, thanks

I’d like Script for After Effect It’s hard to use on it

Hello, check please video tutorials inside the archive

Script need only for easy installation

Sorry, I miss it

SanFranciscoFont does not install on windows because It is for ‘iOS and OS X application uses only

Hello, This did not work too. Whenever I try to install it tells me that “does not appear to be a valid font”. According to information online, it appears this is meant for iOS and OS X not for windows.

SanFranciscoFont is multiplatform font and must work fine on any devices. Could you make a screenshot or video record with this problem and send to, so we can better assist you, thanks

can you please make a motion graphic version of this? I”m not using adobe…i’m on power director.

A great idea, will consider it, thanks

This was a great purchase as a Premiere Pro user. Thank you for great product!

VideoHive just added a Premiere Pro Category to the top navigation menu!

Currently its empty, but since you guys make Premiere Pro Essential Graphics supported products, I recommend getting in on it while its empty! Good luck!

Hello! Thanks for giving us this information! We are really glad that our customers care about EasyEdit products! It’s means a lot for us.  Kind regards, 

The template was updated

v2.2 – 13.04.2018

  • now support the latest premiere pro version ( cc2018 12.1) also
  • added HTML catalog with the preview for all scenes

The template was updated

v2.5 – 02.05.2018

fixed problem with crashing premiere pro for some users

Preview links not working? I do not see gif previews…

I instralled this premiere pro. But the essential graphic doesn’t show up as my link below. Need your help, please.

It appears that you are using the root directory of a drive for Media Cache, which is not supported by AE. It’s possible to get into this state because PR and AE share the same cache directory. And if you migrated your AE preferences when updating to 14.2, AE will use the root directory settings from the older AE preferences. That is the actual problem, which results in the failure to use the (.mogrts) in PR.

You can try to workaround it by setting the AE preference for Conformed Media Cache, to use the default location, or a non-root directory.

Pre-sale license question – does the extended license allow me to use these stickers from the library as gifs in an app that allow users to attach stickers to videos they are editing on the app? (like Vimo for example or instagram).


yes you can do it with the extended license. Also we would like to know the app you are talking about ;)

Hi, which license should I buy if I want to use in all my videos for my Youtube channel and my IGTV? Same video, but uploaded in different platforms.

You can buy regular license. Also read about license here

Well done! I wish you good luck for you sales! ;)

Sound effects are now able to be embedded in each MOGRT file example:

would be cool to see your project one day get updated to automatically include sound effects when we drag mogrt file to timeline.

thanks, cool idea

Hello, is there any documentation to setting up boubces via gmail for Mailster? Please advise! Thank you in advance

I’ve tried multiple envato representatives and can’t get a straight answer. What license do I need for a single YouTube channel with multiple videos set up to earn money (monetize) ? Thanks

Hello, Thank you for contacting us you will need the extended license Thanks.

Any plans to update mogrt files so that we can change fonts to whatever we want in CC 2019 and so that the mogrt files are optimized for CC 2019?

All our team are working on prepare this template for cc 2019. We will update it as soon as possible. A temporary solution, you can install previous 2018 version of Premiere Pro.

Does it work with AE Viewer? Or any chances of it working with AE Viewer?

hello, good ideas, working on it ) thanks

Thank you! Looking forward to it to purchase! AEViewer is becoming the standard browser for most After Effects producers