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Amazing work buddy!!! ;)

Does this have the same number of elements as the Essential Stickers Library After Effects version

hello, yes.

Friend, I wish you further promotion and constant inspiration. Stay always on the positive! ;)

For some reason trying to open the TEXT COMPOSITIONS folder in essential graphics crashes premiere every time. The other graphics work, but no text comps. Please advise. I am using the most current version of Premiere CC 2018

Update: Actually I cannot use any of your graphics from this package. Just crashes premiere. I’m using motion graphics from other vendors so it seems to be an issue with this package.

Hello, thanks for this information. Could you write us email to with information of your Pr version ( example 1.1.1) We will look into this problem and solve it.

Great work my friend !

I have a question. I have Youtube clients that i need to use Typography on their videos. When i buy this pack, i’m allowed to use only once or can i use in multiple clients as many times i need? Thank’s

For multiple clients you will need to buy extended license.

Before buying please read the Envato licence rules and FAQ about licenses

You can use the one-time purchase regular license to make multiple videos, but only for one channel, client, product, if you plan to use this template for commercial reason, you will need an extended license.

The template was updated

v2.5 – 02.05.2018

fixed problem with crashing premiere pro for some users


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What’s the exact difference between this version and non-MOGRT version? This version seems to support both After Effects and Premiere Pro even when the product description says it only supports Premiere Pro. What’s pros and cons between the two choices?

Both versions contains mogrt files. The only difference is that they in different categories (AE version is on AE projects category and PR in another).

So it ’s the same pack ? I can use this PR pack in AE, and also in PR ?



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How can I open and use this items on Premiere pro CS6?

You can’t use it in CS6 Premiere pro. You will need to update to the version where Adobe have added essential panel to the Premiere pro

Hi, is AE necessary to be installed?


hi i I accidentally bought the premiere version but ineed the one for after effect, what can i do?

You will need to buy after effects version. Also you can contact videohive support for a refund of premiere version.

This is extremely misleading. So this is useless without After Effects? Multiple places say you can use it with just PP, but it definitely is will not import. And your tutorial video is in Russian? Seriously? Seems to be a scam.

Good day, Thanks for your feedback. the tutorial updated. You can use it in the premiere without after effect, but you need premiere 2018.1.1 or above version ( this feature introduced in this version)

How do you install it in PP? You said we can see folders installed on our computer by accessing Window > Essential Graphics. How do you actually install your package? You video does not show enough information. Please advice. Thank you.

hello, you need premiere 2018.1.1 or above version ( this feature introduced in this version)


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Can’t import Mogrt into premiere 2017 version 11.1. Error says need to have After Effects installed.

Hello, thanks for contacting us. For correct work of MOGRT files, you need 12.1.1 or any above version. We recommend to use the latest version of premiere pro CC2019 for full functionality