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Looks cool! Nice work!


NIce project!)


Very Nice Work!


Nice work!

But I was wondering if any of you have tried to disable Color Granding and Color Theme layers cause I got a error message with AE CS6 (up to date, indeed) each time I’m trying to do it. Can only disable one of those but not both in the same time. It happens to me only with this specific project even before I put some footage in it. I would appreciate some help about it.

Thank you and again, cool work!

Hello! This is a control layer error. It does not affect the work of the template in general. This error can be ignored. You can also turn off the visibility of the layer (set 0 in the control layer). If you need a different solution, please contact me by mail.

Loving this theme, but I can’t find the slow motion setting that seems to be turned on – how do you turn that off?

Hello! I do not understand what you mean. Please write to the mail, I’ll find everything :)

It’s great to see such works !! it is worthy of good sales !!!

Thx!! :)