Discussion on Epic Cinematic Titles

Discussion on Epic Cinematic Titles

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Thanks guys, this is my first project, I’m glad you liked it

Man this is amazing:) Hope you sell a lot.

Thanks very much)

Great titles man!Wish you lot’s of sales!

Very nice look!

Thank you

Hello Pedo, I bought your project and I would like to say thank you because your project is very good ! But I have a problem : when I open your c4d project file, there is 4 view screen and when I want to see just one view (one screen) cinema 4D crash !! (shut down suddenly).... so I don’t understand because there is no this kind of problem for my other c4d file. What’s the problem ?? can you help me ? I have cinema 4D R13 . Thanks a lot ! P.S: Sorry for my english, I’m french.

I do not know what the reason for this error, but I tested C4D file on two computers (1: Windows 7, 2: Mac osX), all is perfectly working, if you want I can rearrange your file, with a one view to preview

Oh thank you !! Yes, I would like, it would be great ! Because I tried several times but it still crashes =/

Good job pedon ;)

Thank you ZtarrZound

Thank you very much pedon !!!! Now with 1 window, all is fine ! no problem ! =) I wish you all the best for the future. Thanks.

Can we change the text in After Effects ???


you can change text only in Cinema 4D

Hey, i have just bought it and it is awesome :) At least, I am very new to video editing. I have changed the text in C4D and i am rendering right now. Do i have to use After Effects to get the endlook? I Have never worked with AAE :)

Thanks for your help!

Hi, Are you able to add images under the glows and text in the background?