Engineering Dimensions ( Pro Version )

Engineering Dimensions ( Pro Version )

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UPDATED– Update 2.5 ( Optimized Version, bug fixes, New Fast/Experimental Dimension Type )

0_E.Dimensions.A. Parametric Dimension Library with the Pixel Perfect Graphics and custom Built-In animation Engine.
Update 2.0 Line.size.supported
Interaction Process.

UPDATE v.2.5 – 10.12.2019
--- New Rotation Expressions(Optimized)
--- Knee Fillet Option for thick lines
--- New Fast Type of Dimension(Experimental)!!!

--- Color Expressions
--- Stripes Rotation Errors
--- Deleted Obsolete Effect Controls
--- Other Small Bugs
UPDATE v.2.0 – 08.10.2018
Main Line thickness option
Stripes/DimLines  thickness option
GapLines thickness option
MidLine thickness option
Main line auto size/offset ( arrow version )

DimLine.offset bug ( in one element )
P.SM.Line.Cmpl.AA 001 (source text expr. bug)
Dot to Stripe option
UPDATE v.001.s1 – 13.09.2018
Debug box position does  not work in callout dimension
Protractor Comp. resize error
Gap position is not always Pixel Perfect  ('even function' has been added where needed )

Features :

  • Precise. Reliable. Efficient. Parametric.
  • Created For Complex Presentations
  • Works without any Keyframes
  • Fast control over dimension timing
  • Fast duplication and Positioning
  • Only Two Layers per Element
  • Always Pixel Perfect
  • After Effects CS6 and later versions ( CC2014 – CC2019 )
  • 100% Parametric Vector Library
  • Not Sensitive to Composition Resize
  • Works Without Any Plugins or Scripts
  • Universal Expressions ( works with any language )
  • Highly customizable
  • Well thought out and organized controllers
  • Clean And Well Organized Project structure
  • Concise and Meaningful Video Help is Included
  • Extra Help ( WorkFlow Process ) – YouTube Link
  • Customer Support
  • Planned Update
  • Fonts Names are Included
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
FANTASTIC MUSIC that was used in a preview
After Effects CS6 - CC2018 File
Assets ( Images )
Font Names
Video Help
List Of Available parameters>
Move Directly with Selection Tool
Move by control points
Move by spinners
Move by direct number input
Move with the keyboard

Control Points
Lines Thickness
Flip Options
Auto or Manual angle option
Text box angle 
Text Offset option
TextBox Circle or Square option
TextBox fillet parameter
Radius or Diameter option
Endlines offset
Link with X/Y option
Micro positions for dots
Text line offset
TextBox size control
Float TextBox function with amp. And freq. controls
Arrow size
Dots size
Stripes size
Gap size
Load distance
Load and Unload time
Elements opacity
Elements Colors
Pulse or Fade load/unload option

Text Description:
‘0_E.Dimensions.A’ is a Parametric Library that was originally created for Automobile Design Presentations for our own company. The main goal was to create tools that will allow you to create complex presentations with many different elements right in After Effects. Without using any plugins or Scripts. It was research and Development project at first and We created many different solutions and ‘0_E.Dimensions.A’ is the first product that was tested and corrected a lot to be ready for the market. We tried to create the simple design and reinforce it with our custom ‘BC.1 Engine’ to avoid using keyframes. We connected Text Layers with the special expressions so the duplication process is lightfast. You basically need to select what you would like to duplicate and press ctrl+d as many times as needed. We’ve found that the convenient editing will be with 5-7 elements. If we need more it will work well but the update time is not so fast because we used native After effects Shape Layers and expressions. So If we need many elements at once it is a good Idea to isolate 5-7 Elements that are currently edited. Do not use too many overlays while editing. We’ve tested around 100 Elements simultaneously. The render time is fast enough and editing works well with the isolation technique. This version has a lot of parameters to edit so it slows down the render and the editing time but in the other hand speeds up the workflow a lot because you can edit dimension very fast to fit it into your current design. We also plan to publish the light version with premade elements and with no extra controls. In this version, you will have to edit them manually inside shapes layers. Please Consider that this project works slightly faster in CS6-CC2014. CC2017-2018 works a bit slower. But not too much. Extra Tags: Car Design, Automobile Design, Presentation, Drawings, Blueprints, Engineering, Dimensions, Lines, Desing, Graphic Design, Complex solutions, Complex Presentations, Detailed, Dimensioning, Systems, Education, Math Presentation, Automatic Dimensions, Car design department, car design project.
We are always in our garage : )
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