Emoji Smiley Expressions Toolkit

Emoji Smiley Expressions Toolkit

This is Animated Emoji Expressions Tookit

What is inside this template ?

  • 50 Animated Emoji Expressions.
  • 10 Emoji in/out Animations.
  • 10 Emotion Provoking Lower Thirds.
  • 10 Emotion Provoking Speech Bubbles.
  • 10 Emotion Provoking Transitions.

  • Features:

    • 100% After Effects. No Pre-rendered no Plug-in.
    • Re-sizable up to any extent without losing quality
    • All Emoji Animation is loopable.
    • 29.97 fps.
    • Easy to change color and replace Emojis.
    • Very Fast Render.
    • Video Tutorial is Included.

    • Audio Track used in preview video can be downloaded here:

      Happy Puppy

      Comedy Soundtrack

      Footage used in preview video can be downloaded here

      Emoji, also known as smiley is easy to understand around the world, from border to border and from culture to culture , therefore You can use it to promote any product or services. So add emotions to your scene and impress your viewers. use this Emoji facial expression and make your communication instantly successful.

      You can use it with lower third, titles, for product or service promotion, gif image, wedding or broadcast video overlay, transitions, avatar, message communication etc. This is such a powerful toolkit that its’ usages are limitless, Just use your creativity to come up with different ways of using the animated Emojis and impress your viewers. So start engaging your audiences by adding emotions to your scene. Use this Emoji expressions toolkit and make your communications instantly successful!

      Name of all Animated Emoji Expressions:

      Face with Stuck-out Tongue & Winking Eyes, Laughing Face with Teeth, Smiling Grinning Face, Savoring a Delicious food with Open Eyes, Face with Stuckout Tongue & Open Eyes, Savouring a Delicious Food with Smiling Eyes, Stuckout Tongue & Tighty-Closed Eyes, Face with Laughing Without Teeth, Nodding with Smiling Mouth, Smiling Face with Halo, Smiling Face with Horns, Smiling Face with Sunglasses, Smiling Face with Tears of Joy, Smiling Face with Heart Shaped Eyes, Smiling with Open Mouth & Open Eyes, Smiling with Open Mouth & Smiling Eyes, Smiling with Open Mouth & Tighty Closed , Face with Sweet Smile, White Smiling Face, Winking Face, Throwing a Kiss with Closed Eyes, Throwing a Kiss with Open Eyes, Throwing a Kiss with Smiling Eyes, Throwing a Long Kiss with Closed Eyes, Throwing a Long Kiss with Smiling Eyes, Confuse Face, Dizzy Face, Face with Look of Triumph, Flushed Face, It Wasn’t Me, Pensive Face, Persevering Face, Relived Face, Sleeping Face, Smirking Face, Unamused Face, Yawning Face, Angry Face, Angry Face with Red Eyes, Crying Face with Crying Eyes, Crying Face with Open Eyes, Disappointing Face, Face Screaming in Fear, Face with Loudly Crying, Fearful Face, Grimacing Face, Grimacing Face with Smiling Eyes, IMP Angry Face, Pouting Angry Face, Sad Face