E-Marketing Presentation

E-Marketing Presentation

Inkman whiteboard stick figure, markets your startup business company / service or product with cute parkour / ninja style moves! Modular template suitable for corporate Advertising & Internet Digital Video Marketing presentations.
E-Marketing Presentation - 1

  • Modular creative structure with 7 scenes available:
    Scene 1 – Issues & Intro
    Scene 2 – Services
    Scene 3 – Portfolio
    Scene 4 – Multiply customers
    Scene 5 – Our clients say – Generic use
    Scene 6 – Benefits
    Scene 7 – Contact us
    The project is already set up with the 6 scenes sequence (as shown in the two preview videos – where you can switch scene 4 to 5)
    Here’s how this project is flexible:
    • Inkman always gets out of the screen to the right (scenes 1,2,3,4,5 & 6) & he gets in from the left in scenes 2,3,4,5,6 & 7.
    So you can rearrange scenes or remove not needed ones!E-Marketing Presentation - 2
    • Choose how the 31’’ seconds display time in the “Portfolio” placeholder(s) will be covered. (By One or four placeholders, & with Video – Photo – or just texts).
    • “Our clients say” scene can be used for displaying reviews or can also be transformed to display a video or image of up to 25’’ sec duration (currently it’s set-up to 12’‘)
  • “One click” choose options through the effects panelE-Marketing Presentation - 3
  • Choice of Male or Female hand separately in scenes E-Marketing Presentation - 4
  • Optionally add text or logo on the marker pen E-Marketing Presentation - 5
  • Optionally colorize Inkman to your logo’s color!E-Marketing Presentation - 6
  • All texts are editable. Backgound & banner’s colors are also selectable
  • 18 Social Media Icons included to choose from. (Current project setup displays up to 4)
    E-Marketing Presentation - 7
  • No plugins needed (Can be rendered even with the After Effects trial version)
  • FullHD 1080 resolution - AE CS4 and newer CC versions compatible
  • Extended Video tutorial with Table of contents for easy navigation is included. E-Marketing Presentation - 8• Also a very short written pdf help file is available
  • SFX included. Awesome Music by soundroll is not included. Purchase the soundrack: Turning Me On
    Drag & drop this music in the specially prepared composition and it will get automatically edited for the current setup. (6 scenes sequence – as seen in the preview videos)

Feel free to contact me through my profile page for questions & help. Steve314

Credits: Photodune images (not included in main file) used for demostrating the “product marketing” preview video: Food processor isolated on a white background, food processor image, Kitchen blender, Woman holding food blender, Young pretty businesswoman touching the button.

Clients reviews on the template:


E-Marketing Presentation - 9

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