Elemental 2D FX[MIX] for Premiere

Elemental 2D FX[MIX] for Premiere

This is Adobe Premiere CC2018 edition contains more than 120 hand-drawn FX-animations.You can easily modify animation: add motion blur, glow, pixelate effect, stroke and scribble effect.

The pack will be updated with new items. All updates are FREE for buyers, who had already purchased Elemental 2d FX[MIX] pack.

- The Fire element: Fire[x13], Smoke[x18], Exploisions[x5], Sparks[x23]
- The Water element [x20]
- The Energy element [x25]
- The Air element [x15]
- The Earth element [x05]
- MIX elements [x27]

- 100+ customisable animations
- Easily modify animations
- 27 mixed elements
- support Adobe Premiere CC2018
- Video tutorial
Music: http://goo.gl/ZUO7Ps
Fonts not included in the project, but it’s free to download:
- “LACONICK” http://www.1001fonts.com/laconick-normala-font.html
- “East Market” http://www.1001fonts.com/eastmarket-font.html

Update 26.04.2018
- Universal Expressions