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looks nice good work!

thanx dude

mala samayan wekara thama ‘dude’ :)

The Elegant Cloth Promo

hadapu nambuwata ekak giya madai ban…..oya athi

ado serawata oya hodatama athi mage araka thama puka denawa no sales.mata penne okath yamak thibba aruge akath akka watuna aka thama parahata giye….

ow ban…man mee ara anith eka hadanawa…umba poddak aruge profile ekata gihin balapan…ugecomming soon eka…eka man dan hadana eka wagemai…

nodakin man okawa maranawa

love the titles! probably use them for an upcoming project…

ahhaa.. ya ya…thanx dude…

Is this 1920X1080? Says full HD but that could be 720 for some.

Frazier Nivens, Ocean Imaging

ya its 1080p

So I just bought it and it tells me there’s 72 missing effects, please install them to restore the references. I thought all the plug ins were included as stated.

CC Griddler, CC Pixel Polly CC Star Burst and Optical Flares.

It’s not working at all, nothing shows up on the timeline except blue.

Can you help solve this?

Thanks, Frazier Nivens, Ocean Imaging

i have used only the OPTICAL FLARES as the 3rd party plugin.

i think CC plugins already installed in your system…? its comes with AE cs3 pack…

just open the “final project (pre rendered OF).aep”

there you have pre rendered element of optical flares….

so no need to worry….

you are using CS3 …... right?

then check that you have the CC plugins….

CS5 ,the file should be compatible and the project file should work properly with the latest version.

i have try this one with CS5 …its working fine for me…i think videohive admins also had try this this with cs5.before put it to the marketplace….

i think you better check your system….no errors in this file…

check your plugins and stuffs

thank you

Your template looks amazing… Can the font be completely clean and white without any textures for perfect clarity? Thank you!

ya you can :):) just simply remove the texture from the comp..you can make it clean white :):)