Discussion on Elegant Slideshow

Discussion on Elegant Slideshow

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Very Well done!!!!!Looks awesome! :)

Thank you IMGsound!

It’s very nice project!!!

Thank you XLsound!

Nice work, Chuckwalla!!!

Thank you AlmazAidarbekov!


Thanks Lutch! :grin:

but I have problems rendering, I’m spending 39 hours to render, that’s it?

Hello! Thanks for choose my work. Time of render very dependent of tipe your CPU. For more faster work with this template i recommend at least 4 cores and preferably CPU with hyper threading (intel cores). For me render takes 1 hour. Try to enabled “multiple processors render” allow use your CPU fully. Send me an email through the contact form on the page of my profile and I will send to you the links to tutorial about multi core render.

Looks really nice!

Thanks Jilrockx!

Awesome stuff, Chuckwalla!

Thanks DoubleX!

Thank you Rozz!

Thank you fxjagi2014!

I cannot in good faith recommend this project, for as nice as it looks. I am having the same rendering issues as the two other people mentioned having as well (mind you the ONLY other two that actually PURCHASED it in the comments). It is NOT a hardware or render set up issue since multiprocessing is a removed feature in CC 2015 or CC 2017.

My current set up -

AE CC 2017, Intel i7 – 5930k, MSI GTX 980 Ti, 32 GB RAM,

I did a test render for the first 22 seconds…estimated 30 minutes completion…putting the project in whole at an estimated 3 – 4 hours total render time for an extremely capable system that has no problem rendering uncompressed 4K footage (this is a 1080p project).

Great look and easy set up…but the render time is unacceptable! Unfortunately – do not buy until it is fixed!

Hello! Thanks for feedback. How long time ago you uploaded this project? I created update for this project where I optimize all that I could.

Unfortunately I can for sure tell you this is HARDWARE problem not with your computer, but with After Effects last generations. You can easily check how fast you can render this project with AE 5.5.

Please don’t forget project duration is 2:30! It’s a long time project. And 3-4 hours is not too long for render time. Yes it not fast but it’s a pay for this look.

I believe you but AE 5.5 was released in 2011 and is unavailable for download through Creative Cloud – so I can’t speak to that render speed. Regardless, I would be unable to work in that version since I would need to work with this asset among others in 2015 or 2017.

Again, I love the look of this project but as for the time needed to render, it’s too long for me personally. Thanks for your time.


Have question: in the tutorial video, you have and show to replace Holder folder but in the actual AEP file, there are PreHolders and PreParts?

Do those need to be edited and changed as well?


Hello! Send me an email through the contact form on the page of my profile. Describe your issue. I’ll try to help you.

Well, I will share a similar experience. My computer is older, but to render out a 48 second clip is going to take 1.5 hours.

This is challenging. It is hard to know what you have, after a render and wait to see the results of 7 layers before deciding on the renders quality.

Is there any other way to make this process faster?


You tell me that you have old computer. But It’s not so bad – 45 seconds for 1.5 hours. Time of render very dependent on time your CPU. You could try to disable “MOTION BLUR”. For see preview result you can use “Quarter resolution” for preview window. Sorry but I can’t help you with this problem (time of render). I have done several optimisation with this project.

I want to buy your product for editing my wedding opening with pure photos , do you have video tutorial provided?

Hello! Sorry for delay with answer. I didn’t have a chance do this earlier. If you still need help please send me message via email thru my profile page.

It’s a worthy job, I wish a lot of good customers and excellent sales!

Thanks UraGranD!

i would ask you if this project has a long version and short version as a duration time ?? thank you

Hello! Total duration for this project is 1:03. If you need to extend total duration (by duplicating the parts) I can help you with it.