Discussion on Education Slideshow

Discussion on Education Slideshow

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Really nice work! Good luck!

thx mate!

Hi, would you please be able to let me know how you change the colours of the scenes and if it is possible to change the big “STUDY” in the background?

Not to worry, I have sorted it

I have video clips that are longer than the demo But they keep cutting off and I cant find a way to lengthen the clip play..How do I do that?   

Sorry but this template have no that options.


is there a simple fix to delete the text and also the boxes around them. I will insert my own text graphics afterwards.

Many thanks

Ohhh…I will ask about it my editor

I like this style. Do you have any plans to make template for instagram posts (1:1) in the same style?

I am sorry but not now

Hi, how can I delete the “study” background text?

No worry I found it :)

Glad for you mate

Now sure how I can increase from 10s to ie 50s and still keep actions untouched. want to add 50s video, but seems to now speak in slow motion

Hi, Is there a simple fix to delete the boxes around the text? I would like to remove it, but keep the text.

1) Open hide layers (with shy icon) 2) Turn off eye icon from TextBox shape layer

Thank you very much! It is working right now! :)

Thank you for bought our products, please vote it if you can it is really important for us!

In my downloads I can’t see the “Premiere Pro” Version, can you help me, Tanks

Look at tutorial in main features

Thank you very much!

You are welcome! Thx for bought our templates


jayrajv Purchased

I need to purchase this asset, but would I be getting videos or images associated with it? Or is that not something you provide?

Sorry but photos and videos not included in project. All media i used you can try on unsplash, pexels sources