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Great idea, Stunning work, Good luck mate :)

Thank you!!

This is great! Love it! Really cool idea. Love the HUD colour change.

Perfect music and sound effects for it as well!

- Tim

Thanks Tim! you flatter me. I love your music :)

Outstanding work, man! Very impressive :)

Thank you Invideohive! :)

Nice! The hands are giving it something extra, well done.

thanks I’m glad that you like it

adore ya new project, but one thing that always seems to put me off from buying these type of projects using hands..

Why do the hands always have to be male? Why do authors never give us buyers an option to use female hands instead?

You’re right!! But I didn’t find a beautiful female’s hands that I could shoot them. Maybe in future I’ll update it with female’s hands. Thank you for the advice :)

hey man great work, a ton of detail here.

I’m glad that you noticed it. thanks!

I wish you good sales

Good Music i love tron style

Me too! thanks :)

Molto bello bravo !

Grazie Arthur :)

Great project. I like your style, man!

I love this idea! Great job dude, seriously. Keep up the good work.

Want to buy but how do I get the effects , and music ?

Hi! Music track used in the preview is our “Digital View” song.
Sound Effects are made from Raffo and they’re available here : “Electronic sound Pack”.
Please note that inside his “Electronic sound Pack” you’ll find also a track with all sound effects syncronized for this template, so you won’t have to arrange single effects inside the template (version with 12 placeholders).

good job man . its very nice 5 stars :) i want rate 6 stars but cant ;)

Thanks!! that’s very kind of you :)

can you send the project with E-mail for me or a link for download ( ), i need this project for tomorrow . I have tried downloading it multiple times on a couple different computers. The most I had downloaded was about 35 mb, before the download freezes up. i think its envato server problem. you will make me happy if you can help me . thanks.

thanks the problem solved. i could download the project.


We purchased ur video, and that’s a nice one !! we are very happy to use it but we have some problems especially when recording. In fact, we export the video into Adobe Premier and a concern arises. When opening the file to after effects, some effects are missing. Is this related? How can we fix it? Do you have an idea of the problem?

Thanking you in advance.

Agence Webcorp

Hi!! I’m sorry but I didn’t understand what is the problem.. what kind of error is given by After effects? Write me directly using the form in the lower right on Expresso Design’s VH profile page at:

Thank you!

Ps If you prefer you can write me in French ;)


Really, really good.

A bit more design time with the colours and layout and this would easy be a top seller.

Thats said – its brill as it is – well done dude! T.