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Good work! Well done!!!

Very nice and useful Project man:)

  • I like your amazing work
    • I think is colorful work

Nice work!

Cool idea and nice realisation!

Hello, nice job! can you extend the number of branch sequences beyond 4? Is it easily editable. Thanks

Great and useful! ;)

Perfect work! Good luck with sales :)

My composition does not leave me render

Hi, same problem. Composition doesn’t leave me render. Is there any problem using this template with AE Creative Cloud?

We send you Email with comments that should help with the problem. If you do not get to solve it please be sure to write , we will prepare another variant of the decision or make for you a different version of the project . It is very important for us to help you solve the problem.

Hi, I’m trying to render but 5 seconds after I hit the render button it comes up with error message:

“After Effects error: Error (4) reading frame from file “C:\ ..... My project name\(Footage)\Stuff|Shapes_v\Bush_1\Pre-comp”.

( 86 :: 2 )”

Any ideas what this is? Is there a file missing?

Great thank you for the quick reply and download link. I will test the new version and let you know.

Great support!

Thank you :)

Half way through a render and all seems to be ok. Thank you for the new download.

Hi… can i chage the icons to my own icons?

Hello! Yes it is possible.

Hi, love your work, Where can I buy or get the background motion ?

Good day. Please indicate what you are interested in ? All the elements of animation are available in this project . If you are interested in video animation version of it is available at this link This is four separate video file without inscriptions . Please email us via the feedback form (bottom right on the page of the author).

Hi, how to speed up render time? I have 1070GTX & 6700k proc + 32Gb RAM, but render show me 5 hours….

Good afternoon. This project contains a large number of different animations and requires a lot of time to render. 5 hours is a great time to render this project. You can speed up it if you remove a portion of the animation or freeze some items. For example background animations.

Unfortunately here is not pre-rendered as video tree with icons :) If will need to change only text, no need to wait to long time…

No audio file included?