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Thank you! A new toolbar to the animation is in progress, it will arrive soon!

FYI, seems a tad buggy. Gives me random messages sometimes like shown here [img]http://i.imgur.com/0dy69ys.png[/img]

The new version is sent.

Good luck!

Thanks, looks great. I gave good review. Very useful script, thanks!

Thank you very much for your review! This motivates me even more to improve my tools!

Align layers in the time interval Align layers in the time interval (with outpoint adjusting) dosnt work on cs6

I hope you enjoy my toolbar! And do not hesitate to leave an evaluation on two toolbars!

yes i have followed every step.. and its not working for me


Could you send me an email to jc147@free.fr I will send you a version that may solve your problem.

Sincerely, J.C.

hi byjc

i buy your 2 script,

very useful script, but i find error

Can’t Work :(

[JC Comps Error] Remove Frames From Cursor // Remove Frames // Add Frames // Add Frames FromCursor

[JC Layer Error] RDJ. To Frames Interval // Frame Interval with out rd just

i think all this pop-up option error

i use AEF 6, window 7


Thank you for your purchase. Do not worry, I’ll help you out, could you send me a screenshot of the error jc147@free.fr

thank you, J.C.

I have not received your email, have you solved your problem?

where do i find this thing its not showing up on aftereffects

Have you followed the installation instructions?

Look in the window menu of After Effects, you should find JC Layers.jsxbin down

Holy Glitch much computer geezus sorry for the multiple posts my computer had a senior moment

No problème ! :-)

lol found it thank you so much

this is very good but.. “Align layers in the time interval” and “Align layers in the time interval (with outpoint adjusting)” does not work in cc2015 (lang korea) will you check this bug?


Thank you for your purchase ! I made one day update that fixes the problem, can you re-download the toolbar and use the version JC Layers v1.01.nwr.jsxbin.

This should solve your problem.


Hi, after upgraded to 2015, it occurs error which line 26 and 59 can not be executed. Do you know why ? *with 2014 It worked


Thank you for your purchase, I’ll do tests on the 2015 version, and coming back to you asap!

Regards, J.C.

Hi! Thank you for your script, but “Align layers in the time interval” and “Align layers in the time interval (with outpoint adjusting)” does not work in CC 2015.3… I don’t see pop-up with numbers of interval https://yadi.sk/i/OAWMo7TBvvQCn


Thank you for your purchase ! This is a bug I corrected but I have not yet deployed the patch. Could you send me an e-mail to jc@aescripts-byjc.com, I could send you a version that works pending.

Regards, J.C.

Thank you for your help! This version is working fine

Thanks ! :)

Hi! Thank you for your script. I have the same problems than Paramonych with CC 2015.3. I sent you an e-mail. Could you send me the corrected version? Regards


Thank you for your purchase. I sent you the debugged version of yesterday. You well received?

Hi I ‘m cc2017 user two function didnt work after first onetime I use It’s “layer adjust to frames interval” “frames interval with out adjust”


I replied by e-mail.

Thank you ! J.C.

Thank you byjc It works!! Great for time saving

With pleasure!

hello this work with adobe 2018? thanks.


Yes it works. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a problem.

Regards, J.C.


rez Purchased

I’d like to see built-in, detailed descriptions / instructions on mouseover, pop-up, or something like that. Time goes by and I remember this would be useful and look you up again or find the download and watch the video. I forget exactly what the buttons do. Same thing with your other AE toolbar. Nice features but not obvious to me with an icon button. After time, I forget.


rez Purchased

I see you have short notes on mouseover by the way. Like, “Layer alignment” & “Frame internal without adjust”. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t find that helpful enough.

I understand and take note of your remark for an upcoming update. It is not easy to explain a function with a simple pictogram. I would do in this case an integrated help.

Hello! Yesterday i sent a mail to you… i wait a solution… Thanks