Discussion on Earth Zoom

Discussion on Earth Zoom

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Hi limxona,

I have some problems with the EZ Coordinate Finder. Just send you an email with a screenshot.

Kind regards.

Hi…Your mail has not arrived. Please send it to this e-mail.

Is there some comp for 4k already?

Just resize the Final Main comp for 4K. The template will do the rest.

Please, how long does it take to download google maps? I succesfully made the API, works fine but it looks like it stucks somewhere here:

There seems to be a problem with your API key. I replied to your mail.

Hi there, looks good but is it possible to switch off that weird blue glossiness on earth? Thanks.

Not glow, my mistake, I meant specular on the left side.

The glow you speak of is the reflection of the seas and oceans.

If you just want to remove the reflection effect, follow the “Globe Map” Comp -> “World Map Sea” layer (Hide Layer) step.

If you want to remove all glow effects, follow “SMART CUSTOMIZE” Comp -> “Map Visual Settings” layer -> “Earth Glow” (Uncheck).

You can email for further assistance.

Cool thanks. Going to play with it.

Hello, I sent an email with the error message I am receiving : Domain Failed – Script Error

Hi… I replied to the mail.

Hi, how can i have it so that it only zooms to level 6, i want to finish on a bigger area

Sorry for the late response. This level may not be very suitable. Did you find the zoom level adjustment in the settings? This level has a limit, after a certain level the globe world should appear. You can email for further assistance.

I need help. In the composition Zoom Point Scene 1 and And Element ZP 1 there is a wrong code line in time distortion. Could you please give me the correct codings? Maybe it’s broken because I’m editing it on Mac with the latest version of AE? The file was converted. Thank you in advance.


I answered…

Great support. Thanks for everything!


Hi, I want to do a zoom in on the map, highlight a road, zoom out a bit show the same highlight, then zoom back in the same spot. is this achievable?

For the first zoom in, works Then zoom out a bit, works but it fades into the general map. I’d like to keep it showing the google maps when zooms out. Then zoom back in the first point.

Can you help? Thanks

Also, is there any way I can manually keyframe the zoom in-out points? that would basically solve my problem

Hi. The “Help/09.03 Extra Zoom.mp4” help video will guide you. You can make different highlights for each of your zoom levels. Write me if you want more help.

I just purchased this template recently. Amazing!! Question though: If I want it to zoom into (for example) New York and then zoom back out and then zoom back into Athens, Greece, is there a tutorial specifically addressing this? I ultimately need to go in and out of 3-4 locations.

Thanks for your feedback. You can take a look at this template for the animation you want.

So I actually have to buy a diff template to achieve this? How about a refund on this template so i can get the one with the function i was looking for??

Yes, you must have purchased the Earth Zoom Pro X template, which is a more advanced template.

With Earth Zoom, you can only Zoom In/Out one location. But you can do this for as many different locations as you want. If you want seamless zoom animation, Earth Zoom Pro X would be an ideal template for the job.

Unfortunately, I do not have a direct authorization to issue a refund. You should contact Envato. If any refund confirmation request comes from Envato, I will gladly approve the refund.

I have recently purchased your Earth Zoom. I followed your video. But after I have added username and purchase code to activate the license it gives me the following error: Connection To Domain Failed: Please help me to activate it.


Hi. I’m sorry for the late reply. I just saw your message due to the time-zone difference. And I want to solve your problem immediately. Your Activation seems to be successful when I check the system. Is it correct?

Hi. Sorry for late… If the animation you want to make will be uninterrupted, you should use Earth Zoom Pro X.

It’s okay, it’s not a late reply. Some authors on here take weeks! Thank you for your advice about Earth Zoom Pro X. Chummy

Hey, this looks super cool. Forgive a stupid question but i’m wondering if i can zoom in and out of 10 different locations. So zoom in to China, then out again, then into Africa and so on. Is that possible if I down laod the template and follow your instructions? Thank you, Chummy

Bought it today, it does not work. AE crashes after opening.

Hi… Please download again and try. I need more detailed information. What system are you using? What is your AE version?

Okay, I sent email to you.

I bought your template Earth Zoom some time ago and now I wanted to use it again but Windows is asking how to open Earth Zoom S Map Generator v3.1.jsx I have Windows 10×64 with all updates and last version of After Effects (full Adobe cloud). I sent email but you did not answer :(

Hi. I replied to your mail.

Problem solved.


asev Purchased

I found a solution. Thanks!

You solve your problem. What solution did you apply? It will help me to find the source of the problem. Thanks…


asev Purchased

I have recently purchased your Earth Zoom. I followed your video. But after I have added username and purchase code to activate the license it gives me the following error: Connection To Domain Failed: Please help me to activate it.


Hi… This warning may appear due to instant internet connection problem.

Hi , When I try to “Generate maps” Its create the folder but not downloading the images….Also, it give the alert like ” Incorrect coordinates line : 1 null ” . I have updated the API key also …Need your help

Hi. Please send a screen shot….

This project doesn´t works. The script is worst. I don´t know what happen…

Hi…. Please contact to me? Can you tell me what difficulties you had?

Like everything about the template so far, just looking for a way to slow down the zoom. Want to be able to double or even triple the time the actual zoom takes; possible?

Sorry, my mistake. Edit the “Zoom In Timer” feature from the “Zoom Point Settings” step. Open Smart Customize composition. Select “Zoom Point Settings” layer and open Effet Controls panel.

Accordingly, scroll the “Point 1” and “Final” markers in the Final Main composition.

I replied.

I looked at all the lessons, but did not find how to pause at the endpoint.

That’s it, I solved the problem. Things are good. Thank you for your work.

Great… Have a nice day…


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