Earth Zoom

Earth Zoom

Fixed issue for CC 2018.

Easily Zoom to any point on the Earth…

Anywhere you want zoom in on the Earth.

Capture map images by “Zoomable Map Creator”. It’s browser based application.
(Just, you need move map images into the stated folder.)

Custom your zoom level and zoom angle.

Globe Style: Night Lights, Clouds, Glow, Reflection… 2 Map style. Country boundaries. Earth boundaries.

Target Elements : Customize Target Point Elements. You will only customize. It will automatically track of the zoom coordinate.

CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
2 High Quality Satellite World Maps (21 600 x 10 800)

Ability to create high resolution zoomed map images by Zoomable Map Creator.
Default size is 1920×1080 Full HD Resolution (Resizable, 2K, 4K or Any Size)
(It is edit to be resizable. You just need to change the size of the main composition.)
No Plug-in Need!
Video Tutorial Included.
Elements Preview Gallery Included.
162 Special Customize Elements
Pins, Pointers, Call-outs, Info Boxes, Text Box Call-Outs, Text Boxes, Screens and Realistic Elements

You can change duration after zoom. Whether 10 seconds or 10 minutes. You can easliy change zoom timing, target elements timing, globe animation timing.


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