Earth Zoom Toolkit

Earth Zoom Toolkit

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Create Earth Zoom Animation with ease in 1 click in seconds!


Earth Zoom Toolkit is a revolutionary template that helps you create amazing, realistic and very popular Earth Zooms.

Perfect template to have in your library of motion graphics.


  • Earth Zoom Toolkit script. Let the script do the boring manual work of downloading images, replacimg them and reanimate the earth!
  • No 3rd Party Add Ons for Browsers
  • Highly detailed earth/space scenes
  • 4K earth textures
  • 4 SciFi Elements – Drag n’ drop SciFi elements to your scene to WOW your viewers!
  • 17 Animated Callbacks – Dran n’ drop Callbacks to present your content on zoomed in maps. Text Callback, Media Callback, Signal, Pointer, Marker…
  • 10 Earth Controls – These controls allow you to completely change the look of the earth. Sunset? 2-3 Click. Play with it.  :)
  • 6 video tutorials to show you how to use this template to it’s full potential!
  • No plug ins! No prerenders! 100% After Effects out of the box pushed to it’s limits!
  • Organized and named properly. Easily find what you need.
  • Easily change zoom speed and duration of zoomed in image.
  • And lot’s of small stuff, it’s a really fun template (who doesn’t like space?) so play with it and see what you can make.  :)
  • Earth Zoom Toolkit Script – Cannot get any simpler than this  :)

    Animated Callbacks

    Add this awesome animated callbacks to your map when you zoom in to represent your location, image, text, video or anything you want! Just drag n drop!

    Video Tutorials included – Check them out

  • How To Install Earth Zoom Toolkit
  • How To Edit Earth Look – Using Earth Controls
  • How To Use Script to Download Bing Maps and Reanimate Earth
  • How To Edit Zoom Speed
  • How To Add Callbacks
  • How To Add SciFi Elementts and Modify them
  • Audio used

  • Blockbuster Trailer by Sky-Productions
  • Chill by soundEGO
  • SFX by Thomas Vo
  • Font used


    Update 4! Finally found out why some of you were rating the file with 1 star and some of you with 5. Videohive double zips my project file with the name of the project file. That means that a lot of people actually were copying the wrong folder to Documents/Adobe folder. I’ve renamed the folder to “EZT Data” to remove this confusion. I’ve also removed the ability to add the custom key since a lot of people thought it was confusing. The file now comes with the key pre set. This should clear all the confusion that has been happening.

    Version 3.0 – Bug Fixes, Non-English Languages fixed, added extra zoom level controls.

    Version 2.0 – Choose map style. Aerial, Aerial with labels or Road.

    Customization & Rendering service

  • If you don’t have or don’t know how to use Adobe After Effects i provide low fee customization & rendering services.
  • For more information contact me by email at
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