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How the API key works? I must have one to use script?

You can also use your own API key according to your map license needs. Or you can use the system’s own API key. If you want to use your own API key, you can add it from the script panel. For the Google Map API, google gives you a $ 200 free credit that you can use for a year.

Thanks for the information limxona!

You’re welcome…

hello i have your product but I’m not able to generate images from the Earth Street Zoom Map Creator can you help me:?

-22.914260, -43.166370

Hi… please, contact your purchased account.

Hi the firefox image saving addon appear to be blocked. Anything I can do to fix? Im trying to sav two images of 45 degree views.

Hi… 45Tilt Capture addon is not compatible with firefox 71. I will update this as soon as possible. Use version 69 of firefox during this time.

This addon is only required to create 45Tilt maps. There will be a new update coming soon and no more add-on will be needed.

If you want to send me the coordinates and I can generate the 45Tilt maps for you.


Thanks, I couldn’t get it to work on any version mate. Tried 57 and newest.

It worked until version 70th. Firefox is updating too much. It is not possible to catch up with the speed of Firefox. But I found a different and best way to create a map image. I will soon install these features.

Here your 45Tilt map images…

Hello, limxona. Any idea when you’ll be implementing the new 45Tilt Maps add-on since Firefox no longer allows your add-on to be installed?

Hi… you can use Firefox version 60. Soon I’ll install a new version of my new template and this problem will be completely eliminated. No add-ons will be needed anymore.

the LmX Earth Zoom Map Genarator has stopped working. when I go to the page, it says there is a problem and the map no longer appears. Is there another map generator? please.

Hi. Please screen capture…


Hontho Purchased

What is the setting to to turn off the spin rotate between points?

Hi sorry for the late message… What exactly do you mean? While zooming in? or After zoom in?


Hontho Purchased

While zooming in thanks.


For Script (Help/02.1 Customize With Script/02.3 Zoom Level Settings and Movement Without Globe.mp4) Run script file… Open Locations tab. Adjust the Rotate slider to 0 for your location number.

For Manual… (Help/02.2 Advanced Customization (WithOut Script)/02.3 Zoom Level Settings.mp4)

Open the “EDIT/02 ZOOM LEVEL SETTINGS/Zoom Settings Map X” composition… (If you want to do this for which zoom point, open that numbered composition.)

Select the “Settings” layer. Open the “Effect Contorls” panel.

Adjust the Zoom Rotate to 0.

Unable to get map data

Hi. Please screenshot.


antuan2 Purchased

Hi!! I bought the add-on but it doesn’t generate images. AE crashes. My coordinates are 42,325570, -2,130585. Can you send me the images?

Hi… I am sending now. But, can you send me a screenshot to see the problem you’re having?

You can also create your maps using the “Tools / Tools \ Browser Generator / LmX Earth Zoom Map Genarator v1.4.html” file.

Here are your map images…

Now completed! Very beautiful You can do fine tuning with the tool It is a very nice Template! Thank you very much

by Google Translate

You’re welcome… And Thank you too…


alfkuhl Purchased

I am looking at purchasing your template which looks amazing! I need to know if I can add graphic area overlays to the map. For example marking Brooklyn with a red overlay as you fly down to New York.

PS- I just saw the answer to my question after looking at you video again 25 seconds in ! Sorry to bother you.

Ok… Have a nice day…

Hi. Earth Zoom Multi Kit is here with its new name Earth Zoom Pro X.

Many issues have been fixed. Some new features have been added. Optimized for fast rendering.

Generate high-resolution maps with the new and improved map generator. It does not require any browser add-ons or installation.

Make your customizations easily with Earth Zoom Pro X Preset Tool (Script Panel). Save time with this tool that will guide you step by step.

Zoom in/out to just one location if you wish, or zoom in and zoom out 12 locations at one video.

Hey I’m having issues with the “Open Coordinate Finder” selection tool. Nothing happens when I click it. I went to google maps and copy pasted coordinates from there and I went to press “Generate” and nothing happened again.

Hi… Are you a Mac user?

Hi again… The folder containing the template files should not contain any characters other than English characters. Like languages with Japanese, Korean, Hindi or other special characters.

Also, some Mac OS users need to approve the Map Generator application for the Catalina version.

Right-click “Tools \ EZPX Map Generator \ MacOS \” and click Open. Mac will ask you if it will run the application. Confirm this. I think the problem you are having is related to this… I will solve this problem for all Catalina users as soon as possible.

Contact me for more.


ElFuNkO Purchased

Hi, limxona! I’m having the same problem as the above MAC user. I’m using macOS Mojave. I’ve tried open the ”\Tools\EZPX Map Generator\resources\app\js\style.js” but it opens up in Firefox quoting “mapTypeStyles = ””;”

any ideas what to do to get around this. Mike


ElFuNkO Purchased

Wasn’t aware of an Help video for Mac users! I was going through each of the tutorials in sequence! I’ll look for it tomorrow and let you know. Thanks.


ElFuNkO Purchased

Hello. I’ve looked in all the Help tutorial folders and there isn’t a help video for MAC users unless you’ve given it a name that isn’t recognisable.

Hi… No file named “(MacOS) For Run Script.mp4” in the “Help \ STEP 0_Scripting” folder? When did you download the template?

For faster help, please write to me.

Hello! is this product suitable for Prime Pro?

Hi… Sorry it’s not suitable.

I understand correctly that in (AF) I correct. and then export to Adobe Premier Pro?

Do I understand correctly that this package is only for (AF)? should I substitute everything in (AF) and then transfer the movie to Prpro ???

Yes. Only for AE… You have to export movie for PrPro. It is very simple to use. You can contact me when you have difficulty.

But tell me, right then, after this effect, will it be possible to insert a smooth translation into the prime pro video clip? after the map and city selection ?

After the zoom, you can wait as much as you wish. You can set enough time for the your transition effect.

Good afternoon! I bought the program Earth Zoom Pro X, but the Open Cordination Finder button does not work for me. Please specify if this program works for Windows?

Hi… It works for Windows. Please check the folder names. Do not use any characters other than English characters. Move the template folder to the desktop and try again here.

Please let me know if it works.

Problem solved.

Hello, I emailed you and you said to message you here.

” trying to do something pretty simple and can’t seem to get the basic animation. With only 1 coordinate set, after I enter it and click generate, it does not pull up the dialog box that shows the images being created. Likewise there is no folder created.

I’m on AE CC (12)”

Problem solved. It was a problem caused by the shared network. Thanks for the cooperation.


Spusta1 Purchased

Hi, this is a great product. I used it a few years ago and decided to use this newer version for a new project. Your demo video shows the ability to move from one location to another without having to zoom all the way back out to the globe. I have 12 locations however I have 2 locations in the same city and 2 locations close to each other on an island…How do I transition to another location without zooming all the way out for a particular location? I did not see a help video for this (unless I simply missed it). Thank you for your assistance.

Hi… sorry for late. You can do this by watching the help video “STEP 4.2.2 Transition Without Globe-Plane.mp4” in the “Help \ STEP 4.2_Zoom Out” folder. This is a very simple process, you will just adjust the sliders.

You can write to me for more help.

I am using CS6, and have imported your template into my current project. I have saved my project, but am getting the “Save project file to the template folder” error when I try to run the script. How can I fix this?

Hi… To run the script, the project file must be in its project folder. Move the template folders to your current project folder and re-import the template to your project. The file and folder structure should be similar. Or import it after generating your maps and making your settings.

I think that’s what I did. I took the folder that I get from the ZIP, and I put it in the folder where my project file is. I didn’t touch the structure of the Earth Zoom folder or files. I then imported the Earth Zoom AEP file into my project file. Is that wrong? This is what I did, and got the error message. I don’t think importing after generating will work for me, as I need to be flexible for my clients, and if I need to change location or something, I would have to go back from scratch – not something I want to have to do.

I tried it and it worked right. It was true what you did. What error or warning do you get? Can you send me a screenshot? Or we can connect with you remotely. You can send me your ID and Pass information.

Hi. Great work on your template! Quick pre-sales question: Can I zoom in to general wide video of Europe highlight few countries and then from this position zoom-in to closer view to another country in Europe highlight 4 cities and then zoom-in to a building inside one of those 4 cities?

Sorry…. The animation you want is not suitable for my template.


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