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Hi There,

I thought it was great but it doesn’t work.

I’m getting a ajax error. There is just 1 image thats created..

Where can i found support?

Hi… please screen capture.

Hello my friend limxona!! A. I would like to begin without point , just begin with steady rotation around earth and zoom into point 2. B. now, when rotating from point to point the scale is changing, i dont want it. thanks.

I understand the animation you want to do. I did this with a little code editing. I sent you an e-mail.

thanks BRO !! Great service

You’re welcome.

Hello limxona!

Is it possible to add drone video footage to the map?

Hi… Yes.

hello, I can’t do it with multi fast preset tool. please send me your email.

Hi again… What is the problem? Do you get any warning?


I’m trying to make your scripts work as best I can, as well as tonight by means of software or the page opened with Mozilla firefox. I just managed to zoom in on the earth manually and it’s very long and inaccurate. With the after effect scripts, it remains blocked at 1/11 (yes I have a google API) and the image is not even loaded. Then with the model via firefox by clicking on the’‘generate’’ button nothing happens. I really need your help, please.

Is there a special configuration for the API key? and I also entered my bank card on google to unlock the API, but nothing is advancing my problem

✅ I managed to find the problem. Don’t enter a google API key BUT a google MAP API key. Thank you it works now

Hi… Sorry for late message…

I’m glad you solved the problem.

Yes, You need to use the “Map Api Key”. If you don’t have a Map Api key, the Script and Browser-based generator will still work.

1 – Didn’t the Script work before adding your own Api key?

2- Excuse me, What did you mean here? “I just managed to zoom in on the earth manually and it’s very long and inaccurate.”

how I can add drone video to the map?

Hi… Like to adds element.

Hi there! The images generated by the map generator seems to be too close to what I needed.

What do i need to do if.. Let’s say.. I want to use the whole islands of Indonesia in one of the points and it stays there for 20 secs so i can put some callouts and icons?


Thank you for your swift reply! But unfortunately the generated map and the highest (or actually, the lowest) level at -80 can barely cover the islands.

I tried to use the after zoom settings and change it to -30 but it wont stay still and it’ll zoom back and forth.

Can you send me the project file you edited?

Will do. Uploading the project file now. Thank you for your support!

Having trouble in firefox getting this error “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.” trying to add the “Maps API Key” but having no success. Firefox wasn’t initially doing this but it just started to.

Hi. Please download updated files…

updated project files? The issue is on the internet browser

Hi. I updated the template a few days ago. I also changed the default API key. You can use your own Map API key if you want.

Hello! This link does not work: file:///Users/Generator.html When entering coordinates, an error appears

Ok… I’m sending now. If you experience a mismatch, you download the new version.

“An error has been detected and repaired in the “Tools apiKey apiKey.js” file.

Must be; 
var myApiasdfKeyManuel = "YOURAPIKEY OR MUST BE BLANK"; "

And if I don’t have google key API?

Did you move the files I sent in the “Browser Generator” folder?

Which version do you use? I suggest you download the current version.

Hi, somehow the scriptfile “Earth Zoom Multi Fast Preset Tool v2.3” is not working like in the videos or i’m doing something wrong? i use Adobe AfterFX CC 2018. i open it via file>scripts>Run Script File… but only a dialog box poping up with the title: “Script Alert” and message: “Save the project file to the template folder.”. The only option is to press “OK” then the message dissapears and nothing happens.

Hi… First open the aep file. Because the project file was created in the cs6 version, when you open the new version AE, you need to save the project before running Script.

Hello! at the time of unzipping the file, I see these 4 errors:

Footage\Footages\SCREEN SAT\Zoom Out Screen_Alpha.mp4. The file is corrupt Help\02.1 Customize With Script\02.4 Open The Comp To Be Edited..mp4. The file is corrupt Help\02.2 Advanced Customization (WithOut Script)\02.5.2 Zoom Clouds Customize.mp4. The file is corrupt The archive is corrupt

What I can do??

And I have problems with the template too…

Hi… Try to unzip using the right-click menu. If this does not happen, try downloading and opening the file again. What zip program do you use? Mac or Win?

Is there a how to video anywhere with sound

Hi… Yes, the help videos have no sound but supported by captions and description texts. What can I help you with? You can also contact me by e-mail.

Hello , My earth zoom tool is not open , what about API what do you mean by own API

Hi… Script tool or alternative browser-based map generator tool? Please send me a screen shot…

Hi – I am sorry if this was asked before, but I get an error. It only creates one folder with 1.jpg file.

Also the ‘LmX Earth Zoom Map Genarator v1.4.html’ doesn’t work on my Chrome/Firefox broswers, keep getting an error.

Please help

Problem solved… The user experienced a problem to use their Google API key.

If you want to use your own Google API key. Must have Map API property. And under “Menu / API and Services / Library” menu option, “Geocoding API, Maps JavaScript API, Maps Static API, Places API” should be activated. There should be no url restrictions on the Api key.

You also need to activate the $ 300 annual free use by Google. He won’t take any payment from you. At the end of the year will not automatically renew. No payment will be made without your consent.

Amazing script backed by AMAZING support! Thank you Limxona for your brilliant and quick help. The file is working perfectly now. Highly recommended.

I wish you more and more sales! :) Woo Hoo!!

Thanks… :)

Hi limxona, really nice preset. The only thing that is not working is that the Elements folder with the nice graphics is not showing up in my Project window. I clicked the library html so i saw the tools online. But how can i get them into my project? Thank you for response.

Hi there. I think you bought my “Earth Zoom Single Kit” template.

Import the “Elements.aep” file at the “ELEMENTS” folder into the template. All elements will be imported in the template as a folder named “ELEMENTS”. Within this folders you can select the appropriate element for your animation. You can use the “Preview Gallery” files to select the appropriate Element for your animation.

Thank you, Didn’t get it…wasn’t mentioned in your instruction video.

“NOTE : This comments is for “EARTH ZOOM SINGLE KIT” template.“ Hi… Import the “ELEMENS / Elements.aep” file into the template. I guess I didn’t add it to the Help video. I will update as soon as possible. To add Elements to the animation, watch the Add Element video in the Help folder.

How do you resize the project to 4k like it says in advertisement?

Hi. I answered your e-mail. Just change the size of the Final Main composition.

When we do the process of just like training video ’’ Earth zoom multi fast present tool ’’ then we have “save the projectfile” error, how to fix this problem?

Hi… You need to save the template before you run Scrip. Template created in “AE ​​cs6 ” version. You will receive this warning when you open the template in the current AE version. Save the template file in the same folder.

Hi, I just purchased this item and I don’t have a 4K aep file in the folder, can you help?

Hi… Just change the size of the Final Main composition. (3840×2160)

Ok, thanks :)

You’re welcome…

Awesome project! It’s possible to render in 4k?

Thanks… Yes…

Hi, I have an issue of missing textures in the Zoon Logo Text Textures folder, may I know where I could locate them?

Hi… I am so sorry… Thanks for the warning. In the last update, I noticed that I did not include these files in the template. I am updating the template file now. I sent you these files by e-mail.

Thanks :)

You’re welcome. Thank you, too.


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