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what a huge work you done


Hi Limxona, I sent you an email with the project as you asked me to. Let me know how can I help you help me :) Thanks in advance, Osvi.

Hi. It’s been a long time :). I will deal with your mail.

Just bought it, not working on CC 2014. I did everything as shown in video files, I have one folder with my 8 screencaps, I select this one folder and click on “create my Earth Zoom Project”. I get an error message : “Please select only captured map folder”. Which I did.

Please screen capture…

Great Efforts ! But please I need some clarification on below: - While moving from location to another there is “dotted line” appear all around the earth Not only with the plane how to remove the extra dotted lines. - How to let countries names & borders appear while zooming in or out?

Appreciate your fast reply , thanks

Hi… Could you show me an example map?

A great product, exactly what I needed. But what was most impressive, was how the seller went out of his way to help me. That is worth the money and a whole lot more. Top stuff. Thank you.


Great Update!!! Thanks you! Thanks again for using my music!

Oops, and you didn’t even put a link to me!))) Well, it’s okay if you suddenly want to install, then here! –

Hi… Thanks…

There was a problem with the link code. I fixed it now. Thanks for your music.

Faulty product with a broken web interface. Author is combative rather than offering any help. Now I have to try and get a refund for a useless product. Shop elsewhere.

And noticeably zero action from you on the refund. Rip-off.

Hi… You must contact Envato for a refund. Authors are not authorized for reimbursement. I haven’t received an e-mail about this yet.

We need to try a few ways to solve this problem. There may be a problem with your system. Maybe you need to reinstall firefox. You have to be willing to solve this problem. I can’t do anything if you don’t want to.

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“how to make rendering only 3 points?”

Set “Final Zoom Number” in the “ANIMATION SETTINGS” layer to three. Edit the Work Area selector according to your animation timinig.

You can easily set the number of points and timing using the Script panel.

You can also create map images using the script panel.

Thank you! Your plugin works great, a bit difficult at first, then after everything is great!

You’re welcome… I am glad you like it. But, there is no plugin in the template. I think you mean the Script tool…

Amazing project…thanks a lot. I need some help! Is there any way to have different in/out zoom durations? (like…. 10 sec zoom in, but only 4 sec zoom out). i really need to have shorter zoom outs than zoom ins.

Hi… Thanks… Yeah, you can do that on my template… You can control “Zoom In Timer” value with keyframes in “Zoom Point Scene X” layers.

Example for Point 1 Zoom Out timing. Zoom Out timing for “Point 1”; Add the keyframe and set the “Zoom In Timer” in the “Zoom Point Scene 2” layer (On the “Point 1” marker time).

The “Zoom In Timer” value in the “Zoom Point Scene 2” layer after the “Point 1” marker will be the “Zoom Out” time for “Point 1”. For “Point 2” you can add a second keyframe to “Point 2” “Zoom In Timer” time.

Please mail me if it is not a clear statement.

your quicker than flash dude :D thanks in advance for your answer, have to try it later.

Ok. I am here… :)

Having difficult trying to make a zoom without globe. I’ve entered map images at points 1 and 2 but when it reaches to 2, I see nothing, only transparency. I checked the “S” and tried to adjust the zoom level as the tutorial suggests.

Hi… Select the “Zoom Point Scene 2” layer and open the Effect Controls panel. And send me a screenshot.

I send the screenshot to your email

The problem, I see in the screenshot you send is the following.

The value “Zoom Out Size” should be greater than -70 and less than 90 on the “Zoom Point Scene 2” effect controls.

Edit “Distance” value after you determine your zoom out level.

download file appears to be corrupted it wont unzip through safari or firefox using mac archiver?

Good… What are the names of unzipping programs that extract and do not extract?

Hi I can’t get the script to open the tool its says “Save the project to the template folder”? what does that mean I followed the tutorial instructions but it didn’t behave the same

Hi… The project file was created in the older AE version. If you are working on an updated AE version, save the opened project file into the project folder then run the script file.

Running into an error when trying to extract… Error 0×80004005: Unspecified Error, it is doing this for all the core files outside the folders… any advice?

Hi again… I uploaded the file again. You can download it again from the Downloads page.

Got it to work! Thank you

Good news. You’re welcome…

The project file has been re-compressed and uploaded due to an extracting error experienced by some Mac users.

Hello, I bought this great template and started my project which is using 5 coordinates. Anmd now I am adding elements to the zoom map. These are pins and callouts with video/photo. And here there is one thig that I miss in th etutorial videos. How do I use different content in the same pin/callout type.

For instance I want to use “Pin 1” several times which is simply done by duplicating the element and move it to “My elements”* folder. But for replacing the video/photo content the totoprial just doublke clicks it, which opens the original composition with th econtents. But if I modify this one it will be the same content for all pins/callouts of th esame type. What is th eproper way of duplicating and replacing this. Do I really have to search it in all the assets to be able to do so ?

Hi… There is a Duplicate button on the Tools tab in the Script panel. Add the element you want to replicate to the composition and select your added element layer and press the Duplicate button.

It will create an original copy of the selected item and replace it with the selected layer. You can find the created element in the “My Elements” folder.

This process also replicates and alters the composition layers of the elements containing the composition layer.

Help Video: “Help\ 02 Customize With Script\ 05.1 Tools for Optimization and Element Edit.mp4” Time : 00:48

Thank you very much for that real quick answer. Got it to work as expected with your hint. Great template!!!!

You’re welcome. Thanks…

May I add 2 little feature requests to the script, hoping that I did not oversee something again ;) When generating the maps the coordinates are saved into a special composition. I am missing a button to import the coordinates back from the composition into the script, avoiding copy/paste. With this import feature it would be nice if there is a second field to name each coordinate for reference. Ok, this reference text could in a second step be used to generate globe or zoom level callouts automatically on request :D The possibility to insert a coordinate would also be great. Oops, yes this was only one feature request ;)

The second one is about the duplicate button for elements. This one is really a little one :D . Would it be possible to get a dialog allowing to replace the generated number by some other text? Now I do this manually by renaming all generated element and contents.


Thanks for your suggestions. Although not all, I can add some of your requests.

Soon I will post an update that includes several improvements and fixes. I will also add your requests to this update.

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Customization of the Zoom In Level Clouds. (Different cloud images for each location. Customize your own cloud or use the default clouds.)

New final logo animation.

The possibility of different zoom in / out time for each location.

New timing feature for locations Zoom (In/Out/Duration)

Some improvement and facilitating features.

What is the difference between Earth Zoom Multi Kit vs Earth Zoom?


EZ Multi Kit: Up to 12 position zoom in / out animation. Satellite Starting/Ending Animation Move between locations without cut. Move between locations and without Globe/Plane Earth.

Earth Zoom: With Earth Zoom you can zoom in / out just to one location.

Is the definition of the images the same as I get with google earth pro? In Google, for some locales the resolution of the images are low.

Yeah. You can try not to show too low images locations too close. You can fine-tune the zoom level on my template. However, you can also use Bing as an alternative.

Hi, thank you for this project, I just purchased the project, and I faced problem with using script,

In some times when I run the script, a message box appears “please save the project file to the template folder”

when I try another computer, the message was “unable to execute script at line 59. Function is undefined”.

PLease note: I’m using Mac system, Working on after effect cc 2017

The problem been solved. The script file must be run via File-> Script-> Run.

I have a problem with my project in CC.2019. The ZP4 map will not display. The animation continues to ZP5 but only the background map will be visible as well as the clouds which actually come from the ZP4 comp. The project has 5 positions. When I compare ZP3 & 4 compositions they seem to be doing the same at same time. I.e. if I scroll to the same time 0-16 sec in these compositions the related map is at approximatively same state (what is visible, rotation, zoom). Elements are not really visible in both ZPs I guess they need some expressions from main composition to scale.

Also if I check the main composition it appears that the time scaling expression seems to work showing similar values in ZP3 & ZP4 (0 outside of ZP, and timecode in visible ZP). But for ZP4 only the clouds will draw during its complete active time.

I did open the composition by clicking through from the main composition, so links are OK. All visibility is on (verified by cloud drawing and everything works fine when looking at the map 4 composition)

I have tried to set or even change timing via the script or apply and reset optimizations hoping it may restore something, but it did not help.

The problem has been solved behind the scenes by adjusting the zoom level to -110

I want to publically thank limxona for the excellent and auick support. Not only this template is excelent but support as well !!!!! Thank you!

You’re welcome…

A willing buyer for product development. You can sell your products with peace of mind. Thanks again…

Hi, the “45 tilt” is not working using the “Browser generator”in the location we need: 39.85386, -104.67297 .

Hi… 45Tilt is for supported locations only. 45Tilt images of your location are not available.

But it seems to be available in Google Maps.

I had checked. Please send me a screen capture….

What is the API Key? and where can I find my API key? urgently please.

Hi… The API key is a request for permission according to the required conditions of use of the map service. You can create own your API key on the site of the map service you want to use. You can create free own your API key on the site of the map service you want to use. You can learn how to create it by searching on YouTube.


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