Discussion on Earth Navigator

Discussion on Earth Navigator

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vicrr Purchased

Hi, I’m getting this error when launching the script: “Unable to execute script at line 39. Uncaught JavaScript exception: [object Object]” so I can´t use it. PLEASE HELP

Is it possible to use the product to create YouTube videos?

Is it possible to just have the earth rotate around showing the names of places with the dots? So no zooming it, just a planet rotating with dots showing the names of places on the globe? Names/dot tracking along with the planet etc.. is not the optimal template to do that, but you could do it with no effort using 3d earth connections: Thank you

help me please. Invalid purchase code. I used my envato username and purchase code. i need him urgently. And I bought it for the second time because of this problem, please I want my money back on the second purchase. Thanks!

Hello please contact me on thanks

Just purchased yesterday, everything works great but checking if there is a solution to my challenge. I have 5 locations and the last 2 go from India to California, but it goes all the way around in the opposite direction. I know I can use smart rotation but then I would not be able to use the line feature. Is there a way to reverse the direction for the last zoom manually?

Please help me. Purchase code is invalid. I used my envato username and the purchase code. I need this urgently. Thanks!

Purchade Code is invalid, please contact support

done. many thanks

You’re welcome! Thank you

Is there a way to see the earth from further away? Should I change the color of the clouds is it possible?

ciao Davide sei italiano? contattami su, ciao

HI when I am trying to activate I get an error saying Unable to execute the script at line 67.

Can you please help. I am in a big rush to finish a production. I have a deadline.

All good. It’s solved.

Hi i just bought this template and have a question can i increase the duration of the zooming part? (from the glob to the footage or map)

Hello thanks for purchasing this product. I’m sorry but the template options don’t allow you to manage the zoom duration but you could easily do it importing the final animation comp into a new comp and use the time remap method to slow down the zoom in and zoom out speed

Can a 4K video file be created?

Hello, no I’m sorry this template is FullHD so you can just upscale your final export to 4K but obviously you will lose the image quality.

I just purchased it and I need an urgent tutorial

Hello the tutorial is in the documentation folder

Purchased Earth Navigator, followed the steps in the how-to video, put in my footage for 8 locations, entered my 8 locations in the script, hit CALCULATE and got a GOOD JOB message, then pressed the FINALIZE button and nothing happens. I open the FINAL ANIMATION and nothing is there. I rebooted and same thing. Please help!

Hello thanks for purchasing Earth Navigator, please record your screen and send me the screen video capture to so I can see your workflow. Thank you

unable to execute script at line 447. File or folder does not exist

After effects: this project must be converted from version 10.0 (Wintows 64) and will open as an untitled project. The original file will be unchanged.

Hello for technical support please contact me on Thank you

So If I buy this, I can use it on one project only?

Hello, thank you for your question. Generally speaking, when you buy a template you’re purchasing a license that it can be used for a single product. However It doesn’t mean that you can use it just one time, for example if you need to create a “series” of videos for BMW you can use the same license as many times you want, but these videos must release within 1 year, but if you want to use the same template for a Mercedes commercial you need another license. For more information I suggest you to read this useful document: Best regards. Marco

Hello, I want to buy the template but I have a question. Is it possible to pass parameters using Extendscript instead of writing by hand (I mean latitude, longitude, dur, map, lev, etc… values)?

Hello, I don’t know if I’ve understood your question…anyway all parameters (latitude, longitude, duration…) must be inserted on the script window, you can’t manually change them in the project and you can’t modify the javascript code of the script.

Can I add a plane or something to the map/route?

Hello, sice the head of the connection line is always in the center of the composition, you could import your airplane image into the final composition , animate the scale from 0 to 100 to reveal the airplane when the line starts, and animate the scale from 100 to 0 when the line arrives, obviously you have to rotate the airplane in the Z axis to follow the direction of the line. If you have any further question please contact me on thank you

Hello, I just purchased the product. It asks for a purchase code. So I entered my purchase code, but It didn’t work at all. It says, Purchase code is invalid. Could you let me know what can I do?

hello please contact me on thank you

Hey friend I tried it all on ae cs6 and while the globe and background comes up the parameters under control dont… any help would be greatly appreciated. thanx in advance

Also when I hit finalize it starts with the globe but once it starts zooming it becomes a black screen. any help would be greatly appreciated… again awesome project….

Hello for technical support please contact me on

Love your work friend but I keep getting “The project contains expression errors:error1 of 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using AE CC 2019…Thanx in advance…


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