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Can you customise this if I provide all the pics and video. I dont have motion only fcp x so would have to be another 50 bucks investement

Thank you very much for liking my project. Can you please send me a mail :)

I need help to install. Did not get zip file to instal in downloaded folder. Please help.

Thank you very much for purchasing Please copy the folder to the bellow given path Please download the file again and see Go to Applications>right click on Final Cut Pro>Show Package Contents>Contents>Plugins>Media Providers>MotionEffect.fxp>Contents>Resources>Templates>Titles>

now open FCPX and you can see the project in Titles> Custom or in Titles

once you open the file please follow the FCPX video tutorial file ( which is included in the main folder) :)

Hi, is there a way to not have ALL the dropzones? I want a short intro and it’s way too fast if I keep all of them in. Can I do the first 5 for example? I also don’t have Motion so I am just importing into FCPx… Thanks so much

Thank you very much for fcpx drop as many as you like drop zones render as much as you want. but timing is not changeable ,if you have motion you can add video behind the main title graphics :)

I am not understanding. If I only want lets say the first 5 dropzones. How do I GET RID of the other drop zones. If I use the BLADE tool and cut, that doesn’t do anything. I am not seeing an option in the drop down menu to ERASE dropzones. What am I not understanding? Thanks

Please do the complete render and cut the portion what ever you want. Please send me a mail for further help :)

Can you adjust the logo size? I have a square logo I want to use and it doesn’t seem to work. Also in the first 4 dropzones, is it possible to move the image in the dropzone so it’s centered, or should that be done in preproduction? I’m using FCPX.

Thank you very much for purchasing can you please send me screenshot to my mail what exactly is the problem is :)

Whenever I try to add video to the dropzones it only turns it into a still picture in the video and will not let me make a selection from the video clip that I want to add it just adds the last frame of the video clip to a still picture?

Its working here fine for me can you please reopen and see

Still not working!

Hi, i’ll purchase and i hope not having problem with adding videos to the drop zone .. i fixed this problem with Apple support but if i had any problem please be ready to help. thanks

Thanks verymuch for purchasing sure i do :)

Thank you, its good work .. just i like to give you a feedback, i cant remove the lines around the txt, sometimes may be i don’t want a text but the lines cant be removed, and the logo it should give more size because some logos will be cut if its bigger than ENVATO

Can you please let me know if Dynamic Opener will work with Motion 2.1.2?

Sorry, I meant Motion 5.1.2 of course…;-)

Thank you very much for liking my project.this works in 5.2.1 or in newer versions :)


bonczak Purchased

Hi I bought two of your effects and none of them works as expected. I can not upload a video. I have FCPX 10.4.5. And the effects are Dynamic Opener and Abstract Urban Opener. The matter is urgent because the client is waiting for the film. Please reply.

Thank you very much for purchasing. you can instal in fcpx in 2 ways

1: Copy the folder and go to Movies>Motion templates>Generators>

2: Copy the folder and go to the Applications and right click on Final CutPro>ShowPackageContents>Contents>Plugins>MediaProviders>MotionEffect.fxp>Contents>Resources>Templates>Generators

now open fcpx you can find them in Generators or in Custom>Generators and follow the Fcpx video tutorial with is included in the project :)