Discussion on Dynamic Magazine Promo

Discussion on Dynamic Magazine Promo

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Hi Pixamins. We have found a bug that we would like to fix ourselves or kindly ask you to fix. On the double-page spreads, the distortion of some text doesnt match the curvature of the page. How do you adapt the text distorton please? I have a scamp which shows the problem. How do I send that to you?

Let me know when are about to purchase the E3D Magazine template In order to schedule a 30% discount for that day :)

Regards Pixamins

I will do that on Thursday then. Plz notify me of the offer when it is activated. TY

I just scheduled one week discount starting on March 10.

Hello is it a way to change easily the size of the video to match for instagram (vertical) 1080×1920 ?

Unfortunately vertical and square aspect ratio are not included. You could do that – but you need to re arrange all assets (text, magazine and bg) to match the portrait aspect ratio. You need to create a new comp and drop all assets one by one.

i purchased this but how but my magazine is 8.5×11 and it does not fit correct on the layout what should i do please help

Hi Ninja, There is a blue color layer (in the timeline) named CONTROLS, after selecting that layer you will see all the controls (in the effects menu) including colors, reflections etc. The first control is a size slider – that slider is what you need. There is also a video tutorial in the tutorial folder describing the customisation procedure.

yes i saw ur video but my magazine is not fitting i have 8.5×11 file size and on the slider it only goes up and down to adjust but i am not trying to adjust the top-bottom size i am trying to adjust the sides its not fitting i am very disappointed

Adjusting the page height size while keeping the x value stable is what you need. This way you will achieve your desired aspect needs.

my template not archives please send los archives jpg, etc… speak spain tutorial

You need to purchase the magazine templates separately. That’s why I have included the links in the description page.

I can’t help you on this.

ok to again specify better greetings, it does not help me I have to do it from scratch everything

Is there a way to adjust the camera? Looks prerendered?

Its better to experiment with the magazine position/rotation/scale. No it is not pre-rendered!

thank you!

Fabulous, loved it. AE takes ages to export though on a maxed out MAC. What’s the process you recommend to get it out? Render queue in quicktime in 4k? Anything else to speed it up?

4K really doubles (maybe X4) the computer needs. But in my experience it’s lack of Ram! In case HD works for you, yes there is a different quicker process.


In case you are using CC2019, check this one:

Its really handy to select the scenes you need!

Is the designs included?

Unfortunately the magazine designs are not included. The good news is there is a link for that in the description page.

Well done!

Thanks !!!


Nice job! Good Luck and more sales! ;)

Great project.. good luck..

Thanks drev!

Great promo! Looks cool!

Great thanks

Excellent Work! :-)

Thanks Dev.


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