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Good work!Very cool! :)

Awesome! Fantasic job! Realy super work!!! :)

Love that glitches & alpaca!)

Its realy cool!

Is it possible to swap the animal for the video by one person?

Totally! Its just a placeholder, you can put anything in that comp and it will show up in the whole intro. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for the interest :)

The backround colors on the short version are not translating, but they are for the long version. any suggestions?

Aw dude, sorry to hear you are having issues. I just downloaded it and checked, seems to be working on my end. If you click the “shy layers” button it will show all the layers. There is a layer called colors to paste. You can use that to paste specific colors on specific layers. They are parented to the global color controls. I built it that way incase you really want to fine tune and customize in depth. Shoot me an email if you have anymore questions.

Can you teach me how to do exactly like you did in the sample video except that instead of the aninal being a person? Thanks so much

Bought this last night, I love the design of this template. but if you have a pc this might not work for you. I opened the file i have the latest version of after effects so i know thats not the problem. but i feel this was designed on a mac and is meant for people editing with macs. file says it has to convert from mac version then once it does it says 4 files are missing from project. on top of that it tells me that the project is locked and will not be able to save edits made to the project. so im unable to work on this file. I like this project template so if you can email me a version that will work on pc i would appreciate that or i will need a refund thank you.

I know we have been emailing back and forth to resolve this. Any luck? I have a PC also and it works fine on my end. Not sure what the dealio is. Let me know please :)

I just downloaded the template and there is no placeholder for the animal for me to replace. The tutorial doesn’t mention it nor show where it is located or how to replace it. Can anyone help with this?

send me an email. There is a placeholder comp that you drop your logo in. Just drop your stuff there.

Hi, the template is so good, but i’ve many problem to edit that. After effects say me this project contain expression error , for example i can’t change any color, and i don’t see the last part of the animation in long version wher the alpaca moves to the left with te title alpaca tv as your video template here in videohive. Please help me i cant’ do any work :(

Send me an email and lets trouble shoot this :) We’ll get you fixed up!

I’ve just resolt the all the problems with the colors, but i’ve a question, i wish the final part of the long version exemple video wher the “alpaca” move to the left and appear the written “angry”. You can tell me how do this, please I would be very grateful!!

Well the Alpaca is not really moving to the left. All I am doing is changing what is in the comp you put your logo in. So its 2 layers. One layer with the Alpaca Centered and the next layer it is the type lockup with the Alpaca. Its just a switch of the layers at the right moment. Let me know if that helps.

Does the package include audio files as well or i have to purchase them separately

You would have to purchase them separately. Have a nice day!


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