Discussion on Dynamic Demo Reel IGTV

Discussion on Dynamic Demo Reel IGTV

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Hello! I just bought it and I cannot change the main sequence. I can open the shots and add my videos but they dont appear on the final sequence (that is the same as the video). Could you please help?

I have the same problem. Drag and drop my video to shots but Can not see it on the main sequence

Hello! I sent you an email.

Im interested in buying this. Is this an easy install, what is the process?

Hello! You can download the demo version and try using the template:

I want to buy this today. Are the videos and images included with the pack?

Music and video not included.

Does this work with the 2020 version?

Thank you!

I am finally getting around to customizing my Demo Reel, but when I open it in Premiere 14.4, the file looks vertical, not horizontal and I’m not sure how to change it. If I just edit the Sequence settings then there’s a wide blank margin on both sides.Thoughts on how I can fix this?

Hello! Try editing the “Dynamic Demo Reel” file. “Dynamic Demo Reel IGTV 2019” – a vertical resolution file for instagram.

Hi, I put an image and it looks blurred. Can you help?

Hello! I sent you an email.

Does it need After Affects?

Hello! You don’t need After Effects. The project is completely made in Premiere Pro.

Hey there Noble, just downloaded this demo reel. As described by the users above i’m running into the same issue. Is there an updated work around? Please let me know. Thanks.

Hello! Thanks for purchasing my template. Please contact me via my profile page:

Hi Noble Metal, just purchased this and I am having the same issue as the last people. The shots are not showing up in the production. Please advise.

Its like the shot files and the final sequence files aren’t communicating with eachother. Even if I render the shot file, even if I delete the .Jpg in shot 1, it still stays the same in the final sequence. Weird.

Okay, so now if I render replaced shot in the shot folders, they all show up in the final sequence for a micro second in black and white at the beginning. Its like each shot folder replaces only the first micro second… What in the world man?

Hello! Thanks for purchasing my template. Please contact me via my profile page:

I am having the same problem. Updated shots one through six in the first scene and NONE of them Show in the final production even tho they are inserted exactly as described in the tutorial. PLEASE HELP. I bought this for a client project as it looked quick and easy and just isn’t working. Help help help. I have also messaged the author. Anyone else find A work around please Let me know.

Hello! I sent you an email.

I’m having the same problem. should we download an earlier update of premier?

I have a problem inserting my own video content. The final sequence doesnt show any of my shots that I update. Anyone has the same problem? If this doesnt get fixed the template is useless.

Did anybody ever find a solution as to why my video/photos won’t show up in my final sequence after replacing them in my shot sequences? I tried rendering previews and clearing the cache already.

Hi. I want to use this to create a video collage. Can I (easily) extend the time-line / length?

Please watch the video: In the video shown a similar project.

Excellent. Thank you. I am buying

Sorry I have some problems with this program with WIN10_CC2018 Ver. 12.1 English. 1. missing font: CourierNewPSMT (I have installed, nevertheless error message comes) 2. All pictures or movies are black and white only 3. The linked music is not the one to listen to the clip

...and i have rendering the footage

Hello! Thanks for purchasing my template. Please contact me via my profile page: you have a message

Still having trouble to get the audio to line up. Thoughts? I bought the audio package but don’t know which length to use and when to cut them in and out.

Hello! Place the audio track in the “Music” sequence. In the final sequence, the music will be cut.

The Long version of the track?

Please watch this video:


I am struggling to figure this out, I guessed i replace each of the 72 shot placeholder with my footage? Yet when i do this it does not show in final compilation,

Hi! Did you render the video after importing your footage?

Hi! I have a question, when i replace the shot files, they dont show up in the final sequence, am i missing s step?

Hello! You solved the problem?

Excellent work! good luck)


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