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It’s possible to change the font, right?


Hello! Yes, you can change the font.

Hello, Like this Package but have a few questions. I am importing our logo, but notice it just shows up white. Is that normal? Also When exporting the colors are not coming shoots over to the defaults of royal blue etc…

Quick question, we are using a lower third template from your download. Trying to use the same template more than once in our project but are only able to use it just once. We have tried saving the template under a different name but everything is affected from the main lower third template. Is it possible to save the one template and use it more than once in one project.


1)Duplicate “Lower_Third_4” comp in “EDIT TEXT->Lower_Thirds” folder

2)Duplicate “04.LOWER_THIRD_4” comp and open this comp

3)Select Lower_Third_New in “Project” window and select Lower_Third_4 in “04.LOWER_THIRD_NEW” comp

4)Replace with “Alt” and Left Mouse Button

I can record video tutorial for you. Please write me to email if you need this.

Thank you for your help.

I’m using current version of Adobe AE CC 2017 on Mac OS X.

When opening your file I got an error message. “Project will be converted from Version 11.0 (Macintosh 64)…..“

After this I got: “This project contains a expression error: error 1 of 248”.

Many text in video file is red.

Changing the color in the color settings like in your tutorial doesn’t work. The colors are still the same. I cannot change any color in the whole template.

Can you help?

undertale, I think I found the problem.

I’m using Adobe AE in German. Your file is only working with the English version and is causing these errors.

Now I switched the language to English and it’s working. Software like “ExpressionUniversalizer 2” can also fix this issues.

2. Can you send me please the updated version from the comment above too? I already sent you an e-mail. Thanks!

Hello, I sent you updated version.

Cool pack!!! Looks great!! :)