Discussion on Dynamic App Promo 2

Discussion on Dynamic App Promo 2

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Excellent project! I wish you only good mood and good luck! :)

Hello… Sent you an email about the same “corrupt file” issue that other people are experiencing. Producing a spot TODAY that I need this for, why not make the solution public on this comment page instead of dealing with everyone directly? Or, better yet, just fix the project.

I’ve been using After Effects for over a decade and have purchased dozens of templates from Envato – none with problems such as this. Running a maxed out MacPro and all updated software.

Hello, thanks for your advice. Why it happened I explained to you – Adobe removed support for this codec. (At first, the problems occurred in each new update, they fixed them, then everything started anew, in the end they just removed the support of this codec). Until recently, Videohive in the requirements for pre-renders with alpha channel indicated that it is necessary to use the QuickTime codec (and still it remains so). I know of cases where the authors did not accept the projects due to the fact that the pre-renders with the alpha channel were made in the form of PNG sequences (as I sent you). Question about this issue and the disparity of reality of requirements has long been hanging on the forum envato, but ignore it and do not change anything in the requirements. Recently, one of the reviewers began to point out to the authors that it is not necessary to make pre-renders in this codec, but to perform their PNG sequences. I will definitely replace the archive with the files in the download as soon as I can do it, but in vain you think that the problem is in my project. Thanks.

Hi, I purchased your App Promo video template on VideoHive but I am having the same issue as many users. Both .mov files are corrupted. I updated After Effects (I have the latest version Adobe After Effects CC version 15.1.0) and also downloaded the most recent QuickTime update but it still is not working for me. I need to complete this video today.

Please help (my e-mail:

Hello, I sent you an e-mail.

It is interesting to watch and admire! I wish you good luck and many sales !!


I purchased your App Promo video template on VideoHive but I am having the same issue as many users. The file says it is not supported. I updated After Effects and also downloaded the most recent QuickTime update but it still is not working for me.

I cannot even watch the Black Phone asset video.

Please help

Hello, I replied to you by mail

I bought your Dynamic App Promo 2 – Template and I am really happy with it. But one thing, is there a possibility to deactivate the shapes or make them transparent?

Now I only can change the color.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Pre sale question: Its possible change Iphone device to Android device like a Samsung? Regards

This project doesn’t work and I don’t have time to figure it out. I am having the same issue as “adfield”. I am using the latest adobe software and can’t get the project to import. I was hoping this was going to be a quick process but it’s not and I don’t have time to troubleshoot the developers problems. Project should work “out of the box”

how do I get a refund?

Hello, This bug was in some of the new versions of After Effects (not open files of the mov format), Adobe fixed it, you need to update your software version to latest. ( )

Or have you just not installed the codec QuickTime. In this regard, you will not open any file format .mov.

About the refund you should contact Envato support.


I would like to apologize. I got it to finally work after the install of quicktime. Everything is working great and I already got the first video in rotation! Thank you DannySkinner

It’s fine. Thank you)

Both .mov files are corrupted, rendering the file useless. I have updated After Effects with no success. The files are also unrecognized by Adobe Media Encoder, Quicktime and VLC Player. I need to complete this video today so if you cannot supply uncorrupted files in the next hour, I would like a refund.

I would love to help, but how can I do if from my side everything is done correctly, that everything works confirms the fact of reception of this project and the presence of 29 buyers, not counting you, who have all opened fine. And after you, not even wanting to find out what the real problem is immediately ruined my baseless rating and started to insult, I would gladly return you your money spent on the project, ending this discussion. But unfortunately the authors can’t do refunds. I honestly do not understand why your After Effects doesn’t open these files.

Your project doesn’t work. Envato says to contact you, the author, for a refund but you say you can’t offer one. You’re not interested in resupplying known good copies of the MOV files. Your most helpful comment, aside from pointing me to a list of bugs cured by the latest AE update (which make no difference to the problem being experienced), is ‘it’s not my fault your codecs don’t work’. You haven’t even told me what codec you have used so I can troubleshoot your assertion – but if it is a codec problem, you must have used an obscure one…

And then you complain that I’m not happy, consider you to be unhelpful, and gave a 1 star review to a project that is completely useless in it’s currently downloadable form? I have no idea what happened to the other 28 people that purchased it, but from the comments on here alone, at least one other person has the same problem I do.

I’m sorry you feel I should sit on my hands until the ‘real problem’ reveals itself, but as far as I’m concerned, the real problem is very apparent.

Please send me mail ( screenshot of an open project in After Effects, so I can see what the error is.

This man set the codec to QuickTime, as I advised him, and he’s doing great work. So he deleted my comment. (I quote verbatim: “You were right. It was a quicktime problem. Everything is solved now. Thank you very much. I reported my comment and it will be removed. Good luck”)

That was two days ago, want to say two days something happened to the files in the archive?

very cool work ! i wish you all the best for your sales and a nice weekend ;)

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)


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