Discussion on Dust in Motion 3 - Snow Motes Particles

Discussion on Dust in Motion 3 - Snow Motes Particles

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Excellent work my friend!!!

Thank You!

Thank you for using my music :)



Hello, Maria!

Thanks for your comment and awesome music!

We will credit you in a couple of hours :)

- Ariel

Thank you Ariel :)

Dust is back! looking nice

Thanks, amigo!

We will need your talent for Dust in Motion 5K ;)



Could I ask what is the difference between pack 1, 2 and 3 to make sure I purchase the correct one


Hello there! Thanks for writing us!

We’ve created one pack! but since it’s not allowed to upload files larger than 1GB – we’ve decided to split it into 3 packs!

We suggest you to purchase this one: «Dust in Motion 3» – This project differs from others: in addition to dust, it also contains Snow footages..

Thank You!


I purchased this killer collection mostly for the dust/smoke storm in the first few seconds of the demo. However I don’t see it anywhere in the collection. Could you clarify what that is and if I’m missing it somehow somewhere?

Thank You!

Hello Benjamen!

Thanks for purchasing our DM3 pack!

Dust in Motion is a collection of Dust l Snow l Motes l Floating Particles footages - so, we don’t have any smoke/storm footages included in this pack..

BUT: if you need some storm/haotic particles – just Contact Us via our profile page (there is a contact form) – and we will send you another pack For Free! :)

Thank You!

Hello MotionPatriot,

I purchased this solely on the grey smoke in the begining of the video. The dust particles are a nice touch but very interested in the grey smoke.

This is very mis-leading to the consumer and should be changed. I would like the storm, grey smoke that I thought that I was purchasing.

Please advise,


Idea and implementation are at professional level. Congrats. :)

Hey thank you so much! Looking forward for your upcoming project. Good luck! :)


Coming Soon! ;)

Thank You very much, Maria :kiss:

Wow really nice!!!

Hi, I LOVE your work, I have a couple of small issues though. If you look on the sales page, there is a banner mentioning to purchase Dustin Motion 3, and that if you do, you can go to the “Contact” form on Videohive, and you would get a free additional pack? I went there and they have 3 different contact pages that apparently all they do is shoot an email their way?? Also, the files are all named “,,” etc, etc, with the names not signifying what is particle, dust, or snow. Is there a list that describes what each .mov file represents? Example: is fast moving dust. I don’t want to have to go through each one… Thanks!

Simply fantastic, thanks for replying – five star rating!

Thank you very much, my friend! :)

Awesome work !!

Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

I’m very close to purchasing but had a quick question:

Am I able to slow the particles down?

The shot I’m hoping to use “dust” is indoors—and although the regular speed of “dust” looks great outside, particles move slower inside.

Thank you!

Hello there! Thanks for writing us!

Yes, you can!

Contact Us via our profile page (there is a contact form: down-right-corner) – and we will show you how to increase/decrease the speed of particles in After Effects – and also we will send you a watermarked demo footage for you to test! then – you will decide: to buy our pack or not..

Thank You! :)

Hello, you have particles that last more than five minutes?

Hello marceliito15! Thanks for writing us!

Unfortunately.. If you mean a 5 minutes footage – no, we don’t have.

We have 3 packs: Dust in Motion 1, 2, and 3 – Each pack contains 39 footages – 15 seconds each footage..

Also we have Dust in Motion 4 ( in 4K resolution ) – it contains 27 footages – 15 sec. each footage – there are dust and snow particles..

If we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us! Thank You!

Before i purchase, is there an easy way to loop the clips through a whole sequence in premier pro asside from dropping multiple copys on the same video layer end to end?

Hello there! Thanks for writing us!

Unfortunately, there is only one way to loop the clips, as you said – by creating multiple copies..

In case if you have any other questions: Do not hesitate to Contact Us! We are here to help you!

Thank You!

is this compatible with Cyberlink PowerDirector?


It is not compatible with Power Director because this software does not support Blend Mode.

You need a non-linear software such as After Effects , Sony Vegas , Premiere Pro , Avid , Nuke , Final Cut Pro , Apple Motion etc.

Thank You!

Before I buy, did I will getting the first 20 sec of the preview demo smoke trailer effect?

Hello there! Thanks for asking.

No, the project includes Dust, Snow, Particles footages. The preview project is not included.

Have a nice day! :)

Where can I get the smoke effect you’re using in the intro?

Hello there.

The Dust in Motion 3 does not include Smoke effects. The pack contains Dust, Particles, Snow footages.

The smoke effect was created for the preview video and cannot be purchased.

Thank you, Have a great day!