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Will I be able to change the logo face colour? For example, change the front (or all) of the text to blue.

You can easly change the illuminated color (red on the example images) with ease.

If you’re willing to change the whole color on the Text/Logo you’ll have to change it’s textures. In the last case, i can guide you through the process if you’ll need.

Thanks for the interest, Federico

Is it possible to place a bitmap in the front of 3d object? For example if we have a situation when a logo is not just only a shape-based

Hi, yes you can use your own image as custom texture. There’s no tutorial on how to do so included but I can explain it to you if you’ll need help. Thanks

Hi, element 3d does not propose to relink? Thx Loïc

Hi, This issue could be couse by Element 3D v2. The template was designed in the v1.6. You have to manually relink the textures from the E3D material editor. Mail me if you need assistance,

Thank you, Federico


I purchased this element because it looks absolutely stunning. However, I didn’t have the program to render it so I contacted the author and asked if there was a way he could do it for me. He did! Great communication & fast turn around time. For a small investment I received an opener that is as professional as anything anyone is using on television. Highly recommend!


Hello, Can you help me please? I tried to render with an own AI logo. But my PC always crashes after a few seconds. I have 20GB of memory. The Newest Graphic Drivers. Whats the Problem?

Then I tried it on the laptop. There I have too little Ram sayed After Effects. Then I set “Resolution” to “HALF” under “RENDER SETTINGS”. My laptop has been rendered for 24 hours. And I am not satisfied with the result.

What am I doing wrong?

What settings do I need to render in best quality? And in less than 24 hours?

I ask for help

Hi! Thanks for choosing Dupstep! 24 hours sounds definetely too much for the render. And also I’ve never experienced (nor been reported of) a crash in the rendering process. Please send me an e-mai trough the contact form on my profile so that we can sourt out your issue.

Thank you, Federico

Cool stuff! =) GuitarNation

This is not working with CC2017 and E3D 2.2, is it? It doesn’t seem to work!

Hi Marko, I know of a common issue when opening an Element 3D v1 projects with E3D v2, but there should be easy to fix. Basically, you’ll need to manually relink the texture’s jpg files from the E3D material editor. You can shoot me an email from my profile page and I’ll help you out!

Thank you, Federico

Hi, i have a problem with relink textures. After replacing i have not required effect

I find the reason. If you text only 4 letters, then all normal, but if you text something like “Den andreychuk”, then texture are ugly. Can i fix it?

Hi, Den! Text size and the number of characters used affects the textures look! You can try playing with text size. I usually set the text 3/400px and up! Take note that element 3D does not automatically update the image if you change font size. To be sure you can click on Edit -> Purge… -> Everithing

Please let me know if this solves your issue. Thank you, Federico

Is there any way that I can edit the camera angles?

Hi! I’ve just replied to your email! Talk you there!

Dear Developer,

Hope all is well… love the logo, but got a slight issue.

1. After Effects does not prompt for “missing content to link”

2. The “Material Textures”... and all the aged effects are not being rendered… How can we enable all the weathering and Scratched Chrome effects in the final project?

How can we enable the “Scratched Chrome” and Lens flare effects to work properly??

Your help is much appreciated!

Kind Regards,


Hi, VM! I’ve just replied to your mail!

I want to buy this template, but I doubt my graphic card will give such results, can you tell me which graphic card will give best results. Please help

Hi Vfxboom, sorry for the late reply. Graphic card will not change the quality of the final video. What may change is the rendering time. It’s a very resource demanding template so you if have and old PC or graphic card I can customize and render the project for you for a small fee. I don’t know what is the minimum requirement in term of GPU since I have only one PC. I have installed a (not so new) GTX 780 if that can help. Than you

Do you have a pre-rendered version of this with your download or do we NEED to have Element 3D?

Hi Darren, yes Element 3D is need in order to customize the template.

Nicely done! :) I wish you more sales! ;)