Discussion on Dual Reality

Discussion on Dual Reality

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How can i change colors? Yellow light to brown lights. Can I? GREAT WORK!!! :)

Thanks! You can use hue/sat effect to adjust the colors. We usually incorporate one click color setup inside our projects but this project doesn’t have something like this so you must manually change things.

Hi there,
This is awesome.
Just one thing…
Can I use videos instead images?
If so please let me know.
thanks :)

How about the music? is it included?

No, but email me on after purchasing and I will reply with the audio info.

Awesome. Sounds good

Clear, High quality, Easy to customize and Prefect for my purpose!
Just “AMAZING” in a single word.
Bravo! :shocked:

Hi. there beautiful jobs! If I purchase..and send e-mail..

Can I get audio file? or just info?

audio license is yours?

please reply.

Can you please email us to and I will reply with audio info

Hi, I’ve just perchased Dual Reality. It’s great! Can I also get the audio information? My Thank you!

Hello Im purchasing the Dual Reality. Can you give me the audio information ASAP. Need this for a project. Also, what is the render time for it. it’s awesome. the soundtrack enhances it tremendously.

Send me an email to Im currently in a changing server process so official mail wouldn’t be available for next couple of days

redoing this template to update my website and need to know if it’s possible to add text to video placeholder #7 like the file has on the other video placeholders??

Please help!


Hi there! Well, it demand a fair amount of work and some advanced knowledge of AE. It is not very easy to do or explain how to do this. Also bear in mind that even if you do so, the possibility of read this text, because camera position and timing, would be under the question mark.


will u edit the same and give me, then i will buy

Hi, yes, we can edit the template for you. Our customization service fee will be add. 55$ for this template.

You can make for $60 total?

Sorry, you must purchase the template and pay add. customization fee. Or you can try to customize it yourself.Sorry I cant be more helpful