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Excellent work. I wish you continued success and even greater sales ;)

Hi, I loved this project. So easy to edit, and very well designed. Will buy more of your stuff.

Quick question, is there a way to make the whole thing longer? I’d like to double the time and make every animation fit the new timeframe? Is that possible?


Hi. It’s possible if you know what you are doing:) However, this will require advanced After Effects skills to get what you are trying to achieve, as this project wasn’t build for that purpose, sorry.

I did it on my own, it was fairly easy.

Hello, Congratz ! I like it !

But, I have a small question : Where Can I change the font under the logo (the last scene) ?


Easy. Open comp named “*Drop Hello”, un-shy hidden layer, unlock layer #11 which IS the text layer and change the font. To get Character palette, go to Window -> Character. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the great help and keep up the awesome work!! I really love your work! Just amazing!! Looking foward to the next one! :)

Thsnk you lady:)

Beautiful project, Like!

rendertom, awesome work!!!

Hello! Just downloaded this and edited it. My only problem is for some reason when i go to add to render queue it keeps adding the control panel. I followed your tutorial but the “add to render” i seem to be having issues with :(. Help?

Hi. This is odd. Are you sure you are adding the correct composition to Render Queue? If problem still exists, don’t hesitate to send me project file you edited – I’ll take a look at it. Cheers.

thank u so much! i don’t mean to be a bother. Also, is there a way to change out the social media icons to maybe pictures that do the same effect? I’ll send u my file so u can see if there’s something I’m doing wrong. I swear i did it 5 times and it still keeps doing control panel. i feel like such a noob :(.

All is fixed now.