Discussion on Doodle Typeface Kit

Discussion on Doodle Typeface Kit

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Man this is too complicated

Hi. Sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Please be sure to watch the included tutorial which contains important information about how to use Doodle Typeface Kit and helpful tips on how to get the most out of it. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us via direct email by going to our profile page and submitting your concerns there. We’re here to help.

Hi, I just purchased DTK. I’m using AE CC15. Since I don’t have to “Run Script File” what do I need to do so AE knows I have this neat new tool??? What do I do with the 3 .jsx files?

Hi jlaroche! Thanks for your purchase and sorry for the confusion. There’s no need to do anything, you can simply start using the project and everything should work just fine. The script files were created with an older version of After Effects but with the release of the newer versions they became compatible without the need to install them first. You should be good to go and start enjoying DTK.

Does this work only for alphabet letters?

Hi thanks for your interest in DTK. The kit includes two animated English alphabets that you can drag and drop into your composition. You cannot type them using the text tool because each character is individually created in a hand-drawn style. Hope this answers your question.

Hey guys, the letters are extending their bounds (basically cutting off when animating in) any thoughts?

No worries continuous raster was off… my bad…

Hi, thanks for your purchase. And you are correct. Doodle Typeface letters have pre-composed animations and continuously rasterize must be turned on in order to see them properly. Go to 2:52 on the tutorial video for more information. And if you need any more help please let us know. Enjoy!

Great job man.. =) GutiarNation

Dear Author your files unfortunatley can not be opened with after effects cc 17 , so i would like to have a refund

Hi dkokolak, we apologize for the inconvenience. The project was originally created with After Effects CS5 but it should work with any future versions of After Effects. We have tested it on our end and it works just fine. However, if you continue to have problems, you can try this: Instead of opening the project try importing the project by going to File / Import / File. Then after that you can save the project as a new project that you can easily open. Hope this works for you and if you have any other questions or concerns please contact us via direct email through our profile page.

Hi there, I’m on AECC 17 and I’m also struggling to get this to work easily, which is a shame as I love the animations. The file opens if I use it to open AE, but importing/drag and drop causes AE to hang. Once open, I can drag and drop onto my footage fine, there is no adjustment interface for the elements showing so I’m not sure how to change the look. Any advice would be gratefully received!

Thank you – message sent.

Hi, don’t know if you managed to look into this yet but the main issue is it will open and work if I click on the aep file to launch AECC, but if I already have AECC open and try to drag and drop/import, it hangs at 100% and then I get the error:-

After effects error: Out of memory: the buffer manager cannot provide any more buffers.

Bit confused why it will work one way, but not the way I want!

Hi, we sent you a detailed message via email.

what is the reasone that there are 5sets in this pack??? each sets are different???

Hi and thanks for your purchase. Yes, there are 5 sets in this project, each with their own controller. We built DTK with the ability to control all characters/elements from one place. We provided 5 different sets in case you would like to create multiple styles in one project. Hope this helps answer your question and enjoy DTK.

Hi, I was wondering before I purchase the pack if there is a way to convert sentences into the typeface quickly. Like if I wanted to say, Join our group today!, would I have to individually drag out each specific comp and resize them all, or is there a faster process? Thanks much!

Hi Barchtic. Thanks for your interest in DTK. Yes, you would have to drag and drop each comp. However, the project was built in a very user-friendly way. I can provide a link to the tutorial video so you can see the way it works before purchasing. Please send me a direct message through my profile page and I can reply with a link to the tutorial video for you to check out.

Hi, I just purchased this today. I am using Adobe AE CC 2018. I can’t bring in the Installers into my AE, it says it is unsupported. What should I do?

Hi mlwlbel, thanks for your purchase! There’s no need to install the script files if you are using the latest version of AE. The script files were created with After Effects CS5 but with the release of the newer CC versions they became compatible without the need to install. You should be good to go and start enjoying DTK.

Love the project. I want to make the mask bigger for the pop up animation. How do I do that?

Hi treehouseking, Not exactly sure what you mean by “mask”. Possibly you are referring to the characters getting cropped outside of the comp layer. You must enable collapse transformations in order to see the animations go outside of the comp layer boundaries. This is explained in detail at 3:02 in the tutorial video. Hope this helps and if not please send us a direct message via our profile page. Thanks for your purchase and hope you enjoy using DTK.


How do I take the part of the screen that says “To change color and other settings, select layer named controller”

Hi mfaliski, sorry I don’t understand the question. You can send us a direct message through our profile page and explain your question in detail. Thanks.

Good evening, I bought Doodle Type Face Kit – After Effects Template and it does not seem to work with the latest version of After Effects. It’s possible?

“Installation of the project is not required for AE vesion 12.1 and higher” is the message

Hi albere132. There’s no need to install the script files if you are using the latest version of AE. The script files were created with After Effects CS5 but with the release of the newer CC versions they became compatible without the need to install. In other words, you can ignore the script files and use the template as is. Thanks for your purchase and hope you enjoy using DTK.

Hey Attico TV – i imported the project into ae cc 17 and it says “This project contains expression errors: error 1 of 989” did you ever stumble over that error?

Hi HellerD. Haven’t seen that error before and just opened it again in CC 2017 and all looks good on our end. I would say make sure your CC 2017 is up to date. The latest version for CC 2017 should be 14.2.2 If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to send us a direct message via our profile page.

Is there any solution for cyrillic letters?

Hi TT_252. This template only includes letters in the English alphabet. The letters are pre-designed and animated and cannot be changed to a different font or alphabet. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Does this not work on newer versions of AF?!

Hi danielcestari, thanks for your purchase. Unfortunately the project hasn’t been fully tested on the latest versions of AE. However, the project should still work since there are no plugins or anything that would make it incompatible with the latest versions. Disregard the installation of the script since the latest versions of AE don’t require that installation. If you run into any problems let us know by sending us a direct message via our profile page and we’d be happy to help. Good luck and hope you enjoy DTK.

When I run script it says I don’t need to install. Ok but what are the steps for the latest version of AE?

Hi houseofshameless, thanks for your purchase. The script is provided to allow for proper functionality of the controls in the effects panel. As far as having that functionality, there are no further steps needed if you are using the latest version of AE. The script is only required for older versions of AE, and as you mentioned, there is no need to install if you are on the latest version. You can proceed to use the project with confidence. For more information on how to use the project, please refer to the tutorial included and if you have any further questions just send us a message via our profile page. Thanks and hope you enjoy DTK.

Got it! I had to simply open the AE file!

When I add the Doodle Typeface, numbers, to a new composition, it’s cropped no matter how much I resize. What is cropping it and how can I not crop it. It happens when it animates in and the bounce amount is 5 and when I decrease it it also doesn’t help

Ok…thanks for your quick reply. You graze over this so quickly and this is suppose to be for beginners. I drag and drop the letters or numbers onto a new composition and have enabled the “collapse transformation”. Thank you for that. But how do I adjust things like color using the “controllers”. Your tutorial only shows that from the “ABC” composition but not starting from scratch. Do I copy this “controller” layer onto my letters and numbers? pardon the seemingly obvious answer but Im a beginner

NVM…I see the controller controls it all…as a newbie seeing a tutorial where you start from scratch instead of the ABC composition would be helpful…your project is great be your tutorial is not geared towards newbs like me i suppose. thanks!

Hi houseofshameless. I sincerely apologize if the tutorial video is not as helpful for you as a beginner. I tried to include as many things as I could in order for an AE user of any skill level to be able to understand but I may have grazed over a few things and I do apologize for that. I’ve been using AE for many years and creating content is a lot easier for me than creating tutorials lol. If you have any further questions I’m still here for you regardless. Thanks again for your purchase and enjoy DTK.

Hi, can you send me all the animation like presented in the vidéo please, with the generic ?

Hi sylvain72. Not sure I quite understand your question. I believe you’re asking to provide the project files for the animation presented in the preview video. If so, unfortunately we cannot provide that as it is not part of the item we are selling. We apologize for any confusion. At the bottom of the description of the item you can find the following message:

This is not a video template. It is a kit of elements that can be used to create your own or add to other projects. The example animations in the promo video are for illustration purposes only.

Once again, we apologize if there was any confusion.

No Problem, i understand, i have already find out… Thanks.