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Hi, were you able to downgrade to CS6? I am not a professional and still have CS6


I’m on a deadline. Take my money!

Did you get it done in time?

HI , I am a university student and planning to start my youtube channel based on engineering tutorials for childrens. I was wondering if there is any special provision to use this in multiple videos because Purchasing a regular licence for each video is very expensive. It will be very very helpful if you can get back to me.Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi there, all of the licensing is handled by Envato so unfortunately we sellers have no control over it. I fully understand your situation though so try to contact envato directly and see if they could offer you a deal of some sorts. All the best.

Hi , thanks for your response. I tried contacting them but i receive no response so far since last 10 days. Is it possible to get intouch with you via email ?

Hello S11,

Product seems intresting and useful to me. I have a question : 1. Can we apply highlight to our designed path or is it limited to different path it provides? 2. Does it have highlight marker sound? The same we hear in preview. 3. Scanned documents thing is a effect or what? 4. Animation its making does done through keyframe or expression? Intrested to know if keyframes could be tweaked?

Please do answer my question and clear up before I am gonna purchase the product.


Hi there,

Please see the answers below:

1. Highlights designed to be horizontal, however I’m sure you could change their shape using a Mesh Warp or similar distortion effect. 2. Sound effects are not included but I could send you the ones that we used for the promo video. 3. That’s a set of effects that get applied to any document you insert. 4. It’s mostly done through expressions. However you can easily retime it using speed parameter on its comp.

Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out at if you have any further questions.

Is there a version for FCPX?

At the moment it’s only available on Adobe After Effects. Do you think FCPX users would use something like this?

I’m absolutely sure! Thank you

Hmm ok I won’t make any promises but let me look into that. Drop us an email to so I can keep you posted in case we choose to convert this to FCPX. Thanks Cosimo.

Do these templates work both on Mac OS and Windows?

It does indeed.

I have the template and I changed the composition size but I can not get the vignette overlay to change size too. I can’t even delete the vignette layer altoghter. Where is the controls for that layer?

Hi George, my guess is that layer might be locked. What you need to do is unhide any hidden layers (in case vignette layer is still hidden) and then unlock them in order to edit their parameters. See this image for reference:


hisaper Purchased

I am highlighting some lines near the top of a 8.5/11 page. How do I zoom in to the top of the page and not just the center?

Hi Hisaper,

You can turn off any expression controlled camera animations and simply animate it yourself using keyframes.

Feel free to get in touch at if you need any help with that.