Discussion on Doctor's Appointment ScreenDub

Discussion on Doctor's Appointment ScreenDub

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??? It’s been four days since I originally contacted you.

I’m sorry… since it was a reply, it didn’t notify my email… If you select the clip you want and drop it into AE and create a new comp with it, find the clip’s tracking data text file in the tracking data folder. Open the text file and copy all the text. Create a new solid in AE on top of the footage and Precompose it. Make sure your current time indicator is set at the beginning of the comps timeline and with the Pre-comp selected just hit paste and it should automatically paste in the tracking data onto the Pre-Comp to make it track directly with the shot.

Go into your pre comp and change it to whatever you’d like.

Let me know if this doesn’t help.

I had a friend with CS 5 .5 down-save it as a CS 5 file.

Which makes me wonder why you couldn’t do the same?

Very nice. Wanted to double-check before purchase.

Was this ever updated for CS5 ?

It’s still CS5 .5…

but I will say, for CS3 + I have the tracking data included super simple so all you need to do is just drop in whichever clip you want and then copy the tracking data text associated with that clip and paste it onto a pre comp… it will line right up.

Excellent quality videography – great concept – easy to work with in CS6 .

5 stars, everettoptions!

The mask is very bad! I want my money back!

I’m sorry you weren’t satisfied. Did you try to key out the green? Where did you use a mask?

No, I only wanted to change something in the iPad’s screen. I’m using Adobe AE CC, the mask sometimes gets out of the screen and has strange moves. I also bought the Doctor’s Appointment Bundle and it is very good but this one isn’t, I wanted pro-quality! If you use Mocha AE it will get better.

Hmm… I did you use Mocha and there shouldn’t be slipping. Could you tell me which clips you’re having issues with? Sometimes frame rate can get off or different pixel aspect ratios which might play a part in messing things up.

hi…the background music u put for the sample u have un videohive, where i can find it to purchase it? u mind to tell me that please? thanks!

Hi , the tracking is not precise! I need a perfect one

the tracking data is not that great it jitters around. It needs to be retracted so it fits in the ipad screen better