Discussion on DIY Character Presentation KIT with Julia

Discussion on DIY Character Presentation KIT with Julia

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Hi there, Is it possible to remove the shadow from the character’s feet in the AE project? I am interested to buy, but don’t want the character to be rendered with a shadow, so can it be removed?

The video does not work from minute 30:40 onwards and what is explained goes very fast, please make a better video.

Hello Sir, Can you update Julia with additional outfit for middle eastern audience? thanks!!

Hi your video is playing too fast… the audio does not match which makes it really hard to follow. Please can you fix? Thanks

Hi the template isn’t working!! Can you please help me!

And please give all of us complete tutorial how to use all of the fitures in this template.

how can I use the lipsync effect ? Please give me tutorial.

Interested in purchasing but please can you confirm if you can have talking while the other actions are happening. Is there lip sync? Looks great though, Thanks!

Hi, I am facing the following issues -

1. Talking_short_loop_Lipsync (frame -6-7 cloth color changing) 2. Talking_Long_loop_Lipsync (frame -447-448 cloth color changing) 3. Point_left_End_Mix is blank, no clip is here so I cant use Start and Loop without the End clip.

**Most importantly the Tutorial is a broken file. Audio and video don’t match.

i didn’t try all elements but may be there are few more, do you have any update?

Please check the screenshot:


Nice products

Hey, The folder Mobile_phone_talking is not there. Can you please sent me a update?

I look forward to hear from you

if I buy this product, how often can I use it? Do I have to pay every time I use it, or only pay once?

hellooo!!! anyone here?

hey! i have a problem from a bunch i discovered, ALL OF “Tablet close” , displays place holders 01 and 02 , NOT ANY OTHERS , this makes this unusable!!!! do you have an update? thnkas

i am totally disappointed as the tutorial inside the folder is nonsense(from 6mins upward,you only hear voice but the video freeze.i am not sure if you do playback before packaging your template) and he was too fast for after effect beginner to understand. The skin colour issue is so difficult to change to a black lady because the (edit here) composition doesnt work for all the compositions.The skin colour is unbalance because you have to manually set it in each frame The last thing i am struggling with is the glitch of character,whether you apply null object or not,the start-mix loop-end loop doesnt correlate especially when using WALKING-TO-RIGHT composition.I regretted purchasing this item and i wish you can make a refund

what is the name of audio ? i mean link download

seems like there is no support…

Hello. Sory for such a late response. As you can see on my other templates I provide support via email and not comment section so please send me your email and I’ll try to solve the problem

the transition of the tablet and the paper are not set correctly, in the tablet i have only transition between 1 to 2 for all 9 tablet transitions, please replay on how to make transition!

the Paper Board Close 5>6 and 7>8 are actually 2>3 can you tell me how to fix them thanks, Ben

hey im looking at your tutorial on how to work this project and it just freezes not the video but your computer and the sync was off. please resend a correct video im using this for project

Already sended:)

Can i change the clothes ?

you can only change colors of the clothes

It is the best content! However, face is a problem. Why do not you become a cute girl? It is great if you can change hair style or exchange people. The current female animation is not good.

Thanks for feedback. Will do more projects in future and will take in consideration your opinion.


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