Discussion on Disk Logo Opener

Discussion on Disk Logo Opener

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ya proboval, u menya tak ne poluchilos`, o4en` kruto!

nedeli 2 kolbasil


That’s very cool

Gmunk bydet dovolen 8-) Nice one

Interesting work!

Woa, buddy! This is great!

Amazing Idea!Great Work!

Hey! just wondering if its possible to change the globe at the beginning to my own custom shape? Thanks! :)

Hi! Yes. It is possible. It made with Form plug-in from b/w world mask. If any troubles write me I`ll help.

What about making it on black background instead of the blue like one?


Hey mate I wonder If I can replace the globe with something else ? That it will still have the center animation as the globe hace?

Thank you very much i did. Thanks again a ton

To everyone reading this and to who it concern to know more about Author. kurbatov is no Joke, I asked him few question here and there and he end-up rendering a project. If you not sure about buying this I will say support is there and if any of you need a nice guy to do some Freelance dont even think about contacting kurbatov.

I have deal with 7 good Devs from videohive but I have to admit kurbatov will be the guy listed first on my agenda of any project i have in mind.

Thanks so much mate for your kindness and great support

well done Kurbatov! I like that you have both pre render and Form project files.. I was able to use it combined with other HUD to meet the needs of my client.. thanks!

Maybe. I do not know.

well they gave you credit on the Famous 5..

I saw. Cool! Thanks!

hi just purchase the project, missing the form effect. Please send ASAP

Missing the form effect and plugins. Please, send ASAP.

write me on e-mail

Witch mail? I need my logo to have the particles effects on the end. There should be a plugin on the package and there is none.

Hi, the sphere.obj file won’t load how can I make it work?

write me on e-mail. also write AE version and Trapcode version.

Thank you very much for your swift response and help in resolving the issue I was having, I very much appreciate it.