Discussion on Digital Slides

Discussion on Digital Slides

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Hi, I purchased this Item but it is spitting out a few errors and not allowing me to change certain settings shown in the tutorial video. I have the latest version of after effects, could this possibly not be compatible and if so do you have a compatible version?

Hi! Let’s see. Send me screenshots of errors on mail through my profile.

Hi there excellent job ! How do I remove layers, so that I have, say, only 8 slides ?

Hi! The fastest way to do this is shown in this video:

Hi Render time is too long? any solution?

Hi! Here there is a parallax effect, which consists of many layers. Similar projects are rendered approximately the same way. A little advice: since the render occurs at the expense of processor resources, it is recommended not to use resource-intensive applications. for example, a very heavy for CPU Chrome browser

Hi, I Purchased the music by DeeperSound, trying to place it in AE but cant find the right spot. I tried “Music” or “Drop here” but the music fades out whitin 5 seconds…

Hi! I understand what your problem is. In the composition “Drop Here” you need to arrange the music in the same order as it is in the preview with DeeperSound: 1. Digital Corporate Technology (1:58) 2. Digital Corporate Technology (Alternative Version) (1:46) 3. Digital Corporate Technology (Short Edit) (1:03)

Love your product, but the rendering time is crazy slow. I Read other responses to this issue and non of them are helpful to me. I have 3.4 GHz intel core 5 Mac, and it is so slow. Can I return this product back to you?

Hi! It is a pity that it did not suit you. You can make a refund here:

Awesome look!


boskap Purchased

Hi How many Placeholders in the short and longer version ?

Hi! 31 placehoder in long, 17 – in short

GREAT WORK !!!!!!! REALLY GREAT !!! Pressmaster !!!

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