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Very interesting and creative!

Thank you!

yeah. nice.


great work, but whats the name of the music clip you use in the preview…?


Thanks for buying and your comment. The song I used can be found on audiojungle: http://audiojungle.net/item/stompbox/98

Have fun!

thanks :)

Nice work my friend! Love the transition at the end.


very good job :) you shoulf work a little on the connection of the line with the logo in the end, something is weird :S

Hi Creavite,

Thanks. This logo is just ‘for fun’, because the end-user will replace this with his own logo. I just think it’s a good idea to make it ‘in line’ with the rest of the promo.


I like it, but would prefer it if you made one similar but a bit longer, so we can get more info in. Great item though :)

Hi Marshmedia,

Thanks for your comment. Good idea. I will also make a longer one. Any suggestions for a theme or stick with this ‘communication’ theme?

Great design and very creative. Quick question – I would need to resize your snazzy project to 1920×1080 – and I’m an AE newbie – is this possible?

Definitely will buy if this template will work in 1920×1080 – thank you and keep up the tremendously awesome work!

Hi Janelle,

That’s no problem at all. Here’s what to do: - Open the project file - Go the Composition > New Composition > choose the preset you like (HDTV in your case?) - Hit OK - Drag the ‘main comp’ in your HD composition - Now, there’s just one layer in your HD composition, select that layer - Hit ’s’ on your keyboard, or go to Layer > Transform > Scale - Choose the scale percentage - That’s it

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice regarding resizing – it worked! Also, this template has been fun to use and great for an AE newbie.

Quick Question: I’d like to change the text “your logo here” to different text but I’m unfamiliar with AI (just downloaded a trial) what is the best way to change this text? ( I thought I could just highlight the text and change like in Photoshop – but it looks like path text or something?) Thanks and keep up the great work!

PS – I realize that I could just create new text in AE but I would like to preserve the cool movement and transition that you have already created.

Hi there!

The best way for you to do this: - Open the original logo (the illustrator file) in Photoshop (that way it will use the dimensions/size of the logo, so you don’t need to scale it later) - Create your own logo in Photoshop on a new layer - Delete the original logo-layer - Save your new logo as a psd-file - Import that psd into After Effects - Replace the original logo file (the illustrator file) with the psd you just made: 1) Find the layer with the orginal logo 2) select that layer 3) hold down the ALT key 4) click the new psd logo in your project window (still hold down ALT ) 5) drag the psd from the project window onto the original layer

That’s it!


the file is only for Mac, it doesn’t open on a PC. You should specify that.

Hi there,

Do you mean the zip-file or the AE-project? Never heard of this before…


You’ve done a great job on this footage. :)

Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;)