Discussion on Digital Agency Promotion - Flat Design Concepts

Discussion on Digital Agency Promotion - Flat Design Concepts

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Hi, complete newbie to AE here, so I have a few questions… How do I replace the envato logo? Should I just add my files with the same file names to replace the files that are already there or is there an easier way? I want to remove some sections – is it just simply of deleting them and moving the corresponding sections back in the keyframe?And music – is it simple to add music onto the finalised edited version when I am complete with my editing? Many thanks.

You welcome!, and yes, don´t worry, it will be there when you need it. Best regards Designla

Hi, I have managed to do the changes I asked you about – thanks. But I would really like to change the background colours of the first few sections – the ones with “Do you have a website”, “Don’t worry our team can help you”, “we introduce” etc etc – basically the cream type colour doesn’t really go with the colour scheme I want. How can this be done? I notice on the sales page you state – “one click colour change” but I cannot work out how to do it. It doesn’t really show it in the help file. Can you advise me please?

Hello Camdav! Check this video:

Best Regards! Designla

can i buy this in 2019? check your email plzz :)

Done! :)

Hello, how can I change the size of the main illustration on pre-made compositions? Unfortunately I need to change the comp size and the main animated feature doesn’t fit. Thank you

Ciao! Thanks for buying my project! There is no direct way to do it. But you can also see how to do it in this video:

Best Regards Designla

Thanks! That’s exactly the info I need

I’m glad, do not forget to rate us! Best Regards Designla

How do i make the background of Titles multi-colored?

I figured it out, just needed to copy the FX from a multi-colored background.

Hi! Tmikaeld!. I’m glad you found it !. Best Regards Designla

Hi designla,

Is your template compatible to bodymovin extension for adobe after effects?

I already bought it and hoping you could help me on this bodymovin.

Please reply ASAP please!

Please Hi Jedlarosa

Please, send me a message from this address. In the right bar you will find a form.

Regards Designla

yes, im done using that form a while ago. I have emailed again using that. please check

Done! Best Regards, Designla

Well done! ;) I wish further promotion and more sales! :)

Thank You drev0!


We bought After Effects project named : “Digital Agency Promotion – Flat Design Concepts”, when we try to open the *.aep file on After Effect CC2018 it goes to 92% and we see poping up an error message after no thing happens.

We tried with older versions, we opened the *.aep file in After Effect CC2015 and every things going well except the 257 errors in expressions like show in the following screenshot. Those errors affect (as we saw so far) all color of the texts and background.

In the presentation it says that the project is Universal (works for all language of after effects) but we using the french version of After Effect CC2015 and as we saw so far it can’t find the parametre ‘color’ in all the expressions because in the french version of After Effect CC2015 it’s ‘couleur’, we tried to change some of them and it worked so Is there any mean to correct all these errors at ones (without doing it one by one)?

Thank you in advance.


This is a common problem when using After Effects in a language that is not English. This is because the project was done in English language and maybe you have a different one. To solve the problem you must to change the language of After Effects. This is a common problem in After Effects when used expressions.

In these videos you can see the solution to the problem. (This only shows how to change the language.English Version) (An example of the error of expression and how to fix it. Spanish Version)

Let me know if you fix the problem and Don’t forget to rate it. A small click from you is a big smile for us !. :)

Best Regards Designla

Good day, What font type is being used in this project?

Hi, we used “Intro”, and “Open Sans”, Fonts. Best Regards Designla!

Hello! In which program can you edit this video? This I can do myself or only professional designers?

Hello Pandap!. You must use the Adobe After Effects program to edit the project. If you use predesign scenes, you do not need to know much to edit it. Best Regards Jose

You have interesting work! I look at many other works !! I like to watch!!! you are very cool !!

Thanks UraGrand!

Thanks SeriesCenter!

Hi!!, this template run with After spanish version cc

Hi!. This template requires the AE in English. Best Regards. DesignLA

Amazing work.. =) GuitarNation

Thank You Guitar-Nation!

Hi ! The project came with more than 200 expression errors…. Do you have an update for AE CC2017 ?

Thanks for your quick answer, seems to work now :-)

You Welcome!, Thank you for buying! Best Regards DesignLA

Hello, can you please help me? How do I change the position of title and subtle (I want them to switch up/down, title must take the place of subtle and inverted)? I just get white space covering the title when I try to move them with mouse. Thank you for the amazing job

Don’t forget to rate it. A small click from you is a big smile for me !. :)

Pls can you add add domain name infographic to the hosting scane? Just what I am waiting for before buying. Thanks

And also voice and bulk sms scene, very important pls

Hello oltimal.

In 30 days we’ll add 20 new scenes. If you want to personalize the scenes, we can make a budget. send me a message through my profile page, You can do it from the right bar (

And we continue the conversation there.

Best Regards DesignLA

Amazing project my friend. Wish you all the best!

Thank you so much!!! FramEmotion!

Could I edit text to Russian language?

Hi deployer. I think so. If your font is in Russian language should be no problem.

Best regards. DesignLA

Hi, Where can we get the relevant graphics from? I’d love to have some accompanying images for use on the relevant sections of our site.

Dear Munklefish

Unfortunately vectors were not created to be sold separate from the project.

Best Regards

Ok, Could you tell me where you bought the original images/vectors from then please?


We do not buy the vectors, I have created the vectors. Some vectors were designed into after effects, that’s the problem.

Best Regards

Any new update?

Hi Easiblu.

No yet, we’re still working to add more graphics in a few days.

Best Regards!

Thanks man :)

You Welcome! :)


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