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Bboykoma, does the project file have the sound effects in the intro like where the little blocks come together? I previewed the sound file you linked to, but I cannot seem to here those little effects as well?

Just wondering, at your convenience.

P.S. AWESOME file….. Just Awesome.

Just email me for the sounds info ;) Thanks for purchasing!

THIS IS AMAZING 3D WORK !! Could you explain a little more about the gravity plugin for 3D Max? dr[a] if it’s not too much to ask.

Hello, I have few questions, before purchase the item. - is it possibile to modify all the texts? if yes, is it simple? - Could I cut the video (just 6 sec.)? thanks Andrea

Hi Andrea, of course you can change all text including the logo.You can also cut or take the part or scene you like and save only that its very easy ;) If you need any help just email me np.

All the best

Very nicely done. The latest text says ‘me’. The shape is also square. Is it possible to change it into something much longer and thus wider?


Hi, whell yes in the end last holder is smaller and you can put little longer text but not much longer it is meant for a smaller word or logo :) Thanks for the comment ;)

All the best

How can I use the optical flares. When I open it in CS4 it says that some files are missing?


Just email me and we’ll see what flare are you missing ;) Thanks for purchase!

Looks great. I just purchased it. I seem to be having an issue with the optical flare project it says its missing. The titles also don’t fit the blocks, they are slightly longer. what should I do

Dirgregard the previos comment. I didi not install the correct font. Issue resolved. Great Project. TY

Np man , i’m glad you like it ;) Thanks for the purchase!

All the best

Hey Bboykoma,

I also like to know how to get the sound file.

Thanks in advance!

Formstar Design

Just drop me an email np ;)


i purchased this project. Please can you tell me how can i get the sound? Because it is not in the package…. also i have some missing flares.

My email is


If you are missing some flares then you opened the wrong project.Open up the “LOGO INTRO .aep” its with pre rendered flares.And for the sound email me at Thanks for the purchase ;)

could you send me the sounds please my email also how would i put my logo (at the end) in full color rather than overlaying it with one colour?

Hi, i purchased this project. Please can you tell me how can i get the sound? Because it is not in the package.

my email is :


Sent! ;)


Can you sent me the sound? And how can i remove the blue glow from the logo at the end?

Verry nice work!


No problem, just email me at ;) Cheers!

Hi there.

All I can say is WOW . This is so amazing, cool and so much different from all others that I have seen (and I have seen a lot). Itis so amazingly creative and exactly what I need. I definitely will buy this, even if I could not change a bit of it.

Since I know that it is (of course) customizable, I have this question. How hard would it be to tweak the color atmosphere, like the flare color spectrum or the background (maybe). Just asking before I purchase.

Thanks for your time and that one of a kind piece of art.

one more question….

As I can see, you will provide the sound file on request (which is very nice). Is the sound file really shorter than the rendered video file, like the preview is shown? It seems that there are about 5 seconds of sound are missing. Is that right or will the sound file you can provide, match the video lengths?

The sound is speed up a little, but its easy to make it fit :) As for the colors, it depends on what you want to change. Flare can be changed of course but the background can not because its 3d render and integrated with after effects later. Let me know if you need anything at Cheers! ;)

Hi, I just wanted to know how to enable a color logo at the ending of the video.

You just drag and drop your logo and it will automatically be that color you see in the video. If you need any help for customizing it, just send me an email ;)


What about the sound effects at the end of the intro? Is not in the audio file that you linked.


The sounds are not included,but you can contact me if you need it ;) Thanks for the purchase! ;)

Hi there,

I love this amazing intro so much, but i question here, would it be possible to have 1080p ?


Sorry but i don’t have full HD version of the project and since it’s older project and i don’t have that old 3d project i don’t think it will be 1080p version. Glad you like it and i will see to make something similar but much better! Cheers! ;)

Ok .. waiting ur new version then .. Thanks.