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What is the resolution of this video?

Feel like a dork. I buy files on Envato all the time but never videos. Didn’t see the resolution in the bottom right. Doh. Thanks :)

Exactly what I need for my current project! :) Thank you! The only question is: why other similar videos costs so much? $20-30 compare to $6… Anyway, thank you for this video)

Glad to hear it!

This is awesome, can you make one with an african american?

That’s a great idea! However, right now it’s just me hanging out at my desk in my office making these when I have down time. But, I’ll keep it in mind.

Hi! I plan to use this as part of a video for youtube (I will add audio and some pics). Will the video look as great as here on youtube? What license should I buy to use it on youtube? Thank you very much in advance.

Hi there, glad you like the video! It really comes down to compression when you’re talking about how it will look. This is shot in 1920×1080 (full HD) which is something YouTube supports. But, with any streaming service it depends on the user’s connection. I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, ...and what license is the right one for youtube? Thanks!

I’m not exactly sure how you plan to use it, but, you can switch between the different licenses to see which one best matches your intended use.

Nice video…though I bought this to use as a video background for my website. It says in the description that it’s 28.1mb, yet after purchase I see that the file is 145mb in size? 145mb is way too large to be using for a web background. Which leads me to a couple questions:

1) Why do you have 28.1 as the files size when the actual file is much larger?

2) Does anyone know of a way I can down size this video file to use as a website video background?


Hi, thanks for your comments. I think the 28.1 is referring to the ZIP file. The good news is that you can use Miro Video Converter ( to compress video for web. I suggest reducing the dimensions to something like 896×504. That should work well for your needs!

Hey Brian, the zip file was actually 145mb as well. Anyway…I just found a program called “HandBrake” that allowed me to convert the video to a lesser resolution. Thanks a bunch for the great video. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Very good job!!!

Solid work!