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Thanks a lot!

cool pack of distortions

thanks cgoz!

Very cool pack! Why in motion graphics?! In AE projects it will cost more!

Got a rejection on AE because of wrong category.

Awesome, friend, osum

Thanks again, GB!

Thanks a lot,Create_pro!

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great! Very useful project.

Thanks okanakdeniz!

man what a nice project! nice work gecoooh :)


great work


love your stuff!! will be getting your other elements later. great creativity!!

Thanks a ton, man!!

love this! put some more!!


These are awesome! Love ‘em!

Thanks for your comment, EmperorVFX!

Excellent Work , But Before I purchase i need to know . When you say AE File Included : Is there a project file that includes the original glitches made in after effects in a way tha i can maipulate or study them ? Or there are only Video clips? Thanks A lot !

Thanks for your interest GamerZ,

the after effects file contains the original glitches with all layers, masks, effects etc. So if you like you can change everything! No prerenders!

cheers g.

nice idea, well done!!

Thanks, sweetmadness!

good price and good project…price is the most important factor for price conscious buyers like myself.

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is there way to get the sound FX?