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Buddy! Great sales and promotion of your product! Good luck and have a good day!

Beautiful Project! :-)

Very cool work and nice design! :) I wish you all the best for your sales! ;)

Your project throws 7 expression errors in CC18. Sure it was tested?

Send me the error screenshots via my profile page.

Hi! consider to buy your template! Can I change background or color of grid and digits at background without Plexus plugin?

Hello. Thank you for purchase! Yes, you can easly to change any colors. Use color control layer and change blending mode to add or screen.

Is it possible to have the logo in full color?

Yes, just remove fill plug-in

The link to the audio you provided is not what you’re using in the video. Can you provide the right link, please?

Sent email twice in the last 3 days. No response.

Still no response.

Send me e-mail through my profile page i’ll attach you the audio file.

can I please have the audio file emailed to me also? I just purchased the logo revel.

also – where do I get the Plexus 2 plugin?

You can find it here:


2pm Purchased

Hello need the audio too!!

Send me e-mail i’ll attach you the audio file.

I’m trying to invert the colors to black and white instead of white on black. I can change the BG layers fine, but when changing the colors of particles, lines and numbers, they just disappear. Changing the screen/add doesn’t help either. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

You need to change blending mode to multiply. If you have questions send me e-mail through my profile page.

To use my own logo, would I need to hire an AE professional?

Just drag and drop your logo and hit render.

Can I send you the logo and you do it for me please … i cant buy the Plexus plugin

You don’t need extra plug-ins, the version with prerender included

Hi! I need the audio to :(

Unfortunately audio has been deleted from stocks.